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Business overview

Small business is a vital part of the country’s economy. Creators who are getting free from corporation policies dream about their own business ideas. At first, making your own business may seem too complicated, overwhelming, and risky. But in fact, this journey is worth it all.

To be more specific:

  • In the US there are 30.7 million small-sized companies. It is up to 98% of the whole business. They create 1.5 million jobs every year.
  • In the UK there are 6 million small companies, 99.3% of the whole business sector.
  • In Israel, there are 600,000 companies that make up over 95% of the economy.

The data is huge and impressive. Small businesses are the most important drivers of global economic growth. These companies are the global key players in fostering innovation. We collaborate with forward-thinking small-sized companies worldwide helping them to contribute to innovation and introduce tech into their business processes.

We are one blood

We are a small business as well. We know firsthand what our clients’ concerns and difficulties are. We are on the same wavelength. That is why we recommend only what your business crucially needs and always offer cost-effective strategies for further digital development.

Number of small businesses in the US, the UK, Israel

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Small business challenges

These are the common challenges that small business faces:

  • Flexibility
  • Finding customers
  • Generating leads
  • Scalability
  • Customer-centric business model
  • Allocation of resources
  • Spreading brand awareness

Our team provides small business web development services that allow building reliable websites and platforms. By analyzing your business processes, we offer optimal and cost-effective solutions to revamp your digital tools quickly and start generating income.

We provide web development for small businesses within-budget solutions that are relevant to their business goals and infrastructure. We develop reliable e-commerce websites with modern UI/UX design based on top-notch content management systems, create integrations with services and payment systems, connect with email services, and create chatbots.

Web development services for small business we provide

Website development

We create all types of web applications. Our team uses the latest technologies to ensure high-performance functionality and great experience for users.

Mobile-first design development

This approach is based on building web applications for mobile versions first. It lets us prioritize the most important features of web apps and delivers consistent user experience across all devices.card image

UI/UX design

Our designers create a well-thought-out design for stores and platforms that leverage sales. We build interfaces that improve customer journey and conversion rates. card image

Headless Shopify development

With headless commerce, you can create, change content, and design without hurdles and without having to add code to the back-end or hire a development team.card image

Third-party app integration

It enriches your product functionality quickly without developing special features from scratch. It helps to cut costs, create a unique selling proposition, and increase user engagement. card image

Speed optimization

High speed of page loading is a top priority for any website. The speed directly impacts the site SEO, user experience and Google ranking. card image

Multi-language & currency store development

We empower your store with online setup to sell worldwide. Your customers will enjoy shopping in their preferred languages and currencies. That helps to increase customer satisfaction and make it easy to enter international markets. card image


Chatbots are great tools to build trustworthy relationships with customers. We know how to integrate them into your website to let your clients feel 24/7 support. card image

Replatforming and data migration

Let your store or website get new possibilities and provide business growth by using enhanced platform features. As a professional small business web developer, we help small companies to successfully migrate their website data to Shopify Plus or BigCommerce.card image

Related success stories

Laurus Case study

Cloud RPA Solution for a Modern Law Firm Laurus

Laurus is a modern law firm based in the United Kingdom. The solution was to introduce digital transformation to the company. It included integration of the BPMN Workflow Engine RPA system for automation of manual tasks and development of two separate applications for gathering, sharing client information and other documentation between the company offices.
Cloud RPA Solution for a Modern Law Firm Laurus
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Management System for American Outlets

The marketplace that was developed by our client included a huge number of online shops. The products were grouped into various categories. The main query was the development of a product management system. The system had to display each distributor price for the exact item.
Management System for American Outlets
Headless E-commerce Platform for OURA

Headless E-commerce Platform for OURA

The client had a typical Shopify website that did not meet new business needs. The primary requirement was content management for detailed product descriptions, including video and photo content, SEO for effective website promotion in Search systems, and redesign to improve UI/UX. We focused on these custom features.
Headless E-commerce Platform for OURA

Customer reviews

We believe in high-quality work that speaks of itself. Here is what our customers say about us.
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David Olkovetsky
"We were 100% aligned that DigitalSuits was the best agency for us. Their team is extremely responsive and always tries to help."
We hired DigitalSuits to develop our website in conjunction with our designer. Our goals were to get the site pixel-perfect compared to our designs. We also needed some help ensuring that our site logic was correct for a variety of things like add-on products, variants. The site needed to be responsive for mobile and flexible in a variety of ways. Our store was built in Shopify. DigitalSuits are a pleasure to work with. Leadership is involved in every step of the process. They're also extremely focused on making sure results achieve your standards. They'll keep making changes until you're satisfied.
reviewer company image

Frequently asked questions

By hiring a small business web development agency you may concentrate resources on the core activities of your business. The outsourcing engineering team provides the necessary expertise and complete package of consulting and development services that may significantly reduce costs and time of project running. By using agile methodology, we provide clear planning, which excludes downtimes and delivers project on time.

We use different pricing strategy to allow our customer to choose the best one that fits their needs. In our web development for small businesses we use:

  • Fixed price: it is preferable for small and medium-scale projects when requirements are clearly defined and no changes are expected. By creating a clear project plan and specifications, we provide firm budget estimation and put timeframes.
  • Time and material: we use this model for small and medium-scale projects providing our clients with the possibility to modify project requirements. We update your project budget after defining the scope of changes.
  • Dedicated team: the model is an efficient way to implement big long-term in-house and external projects with unclear deadlines and requirements. The price is based on the team’s monthly salary and administrative costs.

We help our clients with all types of software development, including maintenance and support. After software production, we are ready to provide support focused on improving existing features or creating new ones. Our team can quickly handle any unanticipated bugs or enhance performance. By providing qualified web development services for small businesses, our development team knows how to handle different tasks quickly, and what solutions will be the best fit for a small company.

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  2. We will analyse your requirements, prepare project estimation, approximate timeline and propose what we can offer to meet your needs
  3. Now, if you are ready to turn your idea into action, we will sign a contract that is complying with your local laws & see how your idea becomes a real product