Business Overview

Entrepreneurship often comes from a desire to make a difference in the world and to follow the passion and interest in life. Startupers are usually fueled by their desire to make the process, the condition, the world better. Running a new company is always exciting, challenging, and overwhelming. Startups are global key players in fostering innovation. The global startup economy worth is about $3 trillion. Modern startups do not just contribute to the countries’ economy, they are the drivers of economic growth.

Must-follow trends for tech-based startups:

  • build customer-centric ecosystems by appreciating the tech shift in your and your clients business sector
  • focus on acquisition and retention of talents
  • constantly implement new tech features in the business model
  • follow the tech disruption in existing sectors and find unexplored opportunities

Number of global startups by country:

Number of global startups by country:
Number of global startups by country:

Startup Challenges

New and growing startups always face difficulties such as getting market share and funds, attracting a new round of investments, developing market advantages, maintaining growth, managing human resources, marketing and sales, customer service, and, of course, technology adoption.

Frequent challenges that startups may face:

  • High competition

Trying to enhance an online presence is a tough challenge even for market giants, let alone for young small startup businesses. The majority of startup owners reported that the most challenging issue is customer acquisition and sales. One of the main objectives of startups is to gain customer recognition. To accomplish this task it is necessary to apply the latest marketing services and integrations.

  • Recruitment of talents

Acquisition and retention of talents are the second biggest challenge of startup founders. Building the right team is always challenging, especially in a situation of limited resources. The only solution is to focus on the synergy of soft skills and the tech expertise of potential employees.

  • Customer attention

Building a customer-centric ecosystem from scratch is vital for startups. It is the only way for stable growth and scaling up. Take into consideration the following things - integrations with marketing services, providing worry-free user experience, clear design, and many options to choose from.

  • Tech tools

Implementing a ground-breaking idea or service on the market is tough. Managing business flows such as marketing, sales, HR is always a challenge. The right software allows business owners to manage processes effectively. Instead of using ready-made solutions, it is appropriate for startups to go for custom software development. It may cover all startups’ business needs: project management, customer services, stock management, content management, logistics and supply chain management, marketing software.

  • Keep posted to innovation

Technology development is on track. It is essential to stay up to date with new tech breakthroughs and to deploy them to short term and long term business goals.

  • Online presence

To stay competitive, startups need digital solutions such as a reliable, fast, and secure website and mobile app. It is vital for startups to develop robust digital solutions for scaling up in the future.

  • Data security

Startups should pay attention to the companies’ security level and everyday operations, as customer and corporate data are everything. Data protection is invaluable for both, newcomers on the market and big enterprises.

Having the power to overcome all roadblocks and challenges is what distinguishes a successful startup.

Startup Experience

It comes as no surprise that many entrepreneurs have inspiring stories. Here we want to share ours:

The company was founded by two of us. By that moment, we had already gained deep experience in startup development and our own product development.

In 2015, one of us launched a startup. The main objective was the automation of game server processes. The idea was to make a game server that would enable users to create their own server for playing games online with friends. It demanded just two clicks and a minimum budget. Web and mobile applications were developed, as well as the server system managed by these apps. That product went to production and was tested by real clients.

The next startup experience came into play when the DigitalSuits company had already been founded. There was one experiment that we wanted to implement in real life. To keep it short: at that time, Cloud technologies started to boom and engineers faced various issues regarding Cloud application setup.

We came up with a bright idea to develop a product that would help engineers and enable them to handle all issues and to manage a complex deployment process from one place. At that moment, we identified two significant problems: the necessity of handling sensitive data for deployment in real-time and issues with the setup of a few applications and usage of different clusters for flexibility and scalability.

All in all, we made the right decisions and our product successfully solved all these issues.

That startup experience gave us a unique vision of the business. It broadened our competencies and made us mindful. We understand the pain points and needs of our clients better than most. We are one blood and like-minded people with you. That’s why we resolve issues, find a win-win strategy faster than others, and deliver a successful product in the most effective way.