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Business Overview

Small business is a vital part of the country’s economy. Creators who are getting free from corporation policies dream about their own business ideas. At first, making your own business may seem too complicated, overwhelming, and risky. But in fact, this journey is worth it all.

To be more concrete:

  • In the US there are 30.7 million small-sized companies. It is up to 98% of the whole business. They create 1.5 million jobs every year.
  • In the UK there are 6 million small companies, 99.3% of the whole business sector.
  • In Israel, there are 600,000 companies that make up over 95% of the economy.

The data is huge and impressive. Small businesses are the most important drivers of global economic growth. These companies are the global key players in fostering innovation. We collaborate with forward-thinking small-sized companies worldwide helping them to contribute to innovation and introduce tech into their business processes.

We are one blood

We are a small business as well. We know firsthand what our clients’ concerns and difficulties are. We are on the same wavelength. That is why we recommend only what your business crucially needs and always offer cost-effective strategies for further digital development.

Number of small businesses in the US, the UK, Israel

Number of small businesses in the US, the UK, IsraelNumber of small businesses in the US, the UK, IsraelNumber of small businesses in the US, the UK, IsraelNumber of small businesses in the US, the UK, Israel

Small Business Challenges

These are the common challenges that small business faces:

  • Flexibility
  • Finding customers
  • Generating leads
  • Scalability
  • Customer-centric business model
  • Allocation of resources
  • Spreading brand awareness

These issues can be fixed if the business is ready for digitization. If the company is not listed in Google — it does not exist. We provide small companies within-budget solutions that are relevant to their business goals and infrastructure. We develop reliable e-commerce websites with modern UI/UX design based on top-notch content management systems, create integrations with services and payment systems, connect with email services, and create chatbots. We make websites accessible, offer POS solutions, and provide multi-currency services. Implementing these vital features and integrations into their business, our clients build a customer-centric ecosystem and reap all the benefits of the digital world.

The scope of main technologies we use

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How we workHow we work

How we work

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Delivery in time

Delivery in time

We guarantee to get the project done in time and on budget and confirm it in the contract
Legal contract

Legal contract

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We adhere to a transparent policy at all levels using specialized planning tools

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