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Leveraging Shopify 2.0 and providing continuous Shopify updates and support for a modern luxury footwear brand

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Website redesign and ongoing support with Shopify retainer service


New York, USA

Cooperation model

Time and material/ Retainer

Partnership period

2022 – Ongoing maintenance and support

Improvements plan

Discovery phase, requirements and estimation analysis, prototyping and designing, new features development, support and maintenance

Team size

Dedicated Shopify developer, Project manager, UX/UI designer, and Software tester


Shopify, Shopify Plus, Node.js, React.js, HTML, SCSS, Liquid, JavaScript, GraphQL, Ruby on Rails

About the client

Founded in 2014 by Johannes Quodt and Chris Wichert, KOIO has emerged as a leading luxury sneaker brand renowned for its commitment to high-quality craftsmanship and timeless design. For over 10 years, KOIO has passionately created lavish footwear, seamlessly combining modern design with unmatched comfort by blending modern allure with eco-friendly Italian craftsmanship.

From the vibrant energy of New York City's bustling streets to the timeless charm of Rome's cobblestone alleys, KOIO shoes embody urban elegance, effortlessly enhancing any ensemble with their unique yet understated aesthetic. KOIO continually pushes the boundaries of luxury footwear, captivating trendsetters and tastemakers worldwide.

About the client

About the product

Crafted within artisanal workshops in Italy, each shoe of the KOIO brand undergoes meticulous handcrafting using premium leather, suede, and recycled materials sourced locally. With an average of 42 skilled craftspeople overseeing the process, every pair is perfected to the highest standards before reaching completion. A dedication to quality and craftsmanship ensures that KOIO shoes look stylish and offer exceptional comfort and durability for most demanding users, making them a staple in a wardrobe.

Every successful brand requires a robust online marketplace to make its products accessible to a broad audience. They were selling goods through their Shopify Plus website, but it needed several enhancements to fully cater to the needs of the well-known brand.

About the product
Website redesign and Shopify 2.0 migration for KOIO's brand

Challenges overview

Seeking Shopify developers, KOIO approached DigitalSuits for Shopify Plus development and support after being dissatisfied with the quality of Shopify support provided by their previous partner. The primary request was for a full redesign of the website, starting from the Home page, Product pages, and account to collections, aiming to address low conversion rates and improve performance.

DigitalSuits experts overcame some challenges while providing development, integration, and support as follows:


Improper header menu functionality

Our experts managed issues related to the header menu not functioning correctly due to accessibility problems, such as links not redirecting properly or menu items displaying incorrectly.


App integration issues

DigitalSuits Shopify experts faced difficulties with integrating third-party apps into the platform, resulting in compatibility issues or conflicts with existing functionalities.


Migration to Shopify 2.0

Migration to Shopify 2.0 presented to our team challenges such as data migration, ensuring compatibility with existing customizations, and adapting to new features and functionalities.


Cart drawer enhancement

Enhancing the Cart drawer to improve sales and add features like discounts and bundles has involved complex development tasks and strategic planning to align with business objectives.


Accessibility compliance

Ensuring the platform meets accessibility standards, particularly for users with disabilities, has required extensive testing and adjustments to the design and functionality of our Shopify experts.


Performance optimization

We successfully addressed performance issues such as slow page load times or inefficient code to improve site speed and overall user experience.


Redesigning apps

One of the tasks was rebuilding or redesigning existing apps, such as Okendo Reviews, to align with updated design standards or integrate new features that required significant development effort and coordination.


Content flexibility

Adapting the platform to Shopify 2.0 for more flexible content usage without relying on developers involved challenges for our team to organize content organization, management, and customization capabilities.

Our solution

DigitalSuits approached KOIO's challenges with a comprehensive strategy aimed at addressing each aspect of their requirements. Firstly, our proficient Shopify Plus experts embarked on a full redesign of the website, starting from the Home page to Product pages, accounts, and collections. Our redesign not only enhanced the visual appeal but also improved user experience, addressing the low conversion rates that KOIO was experiencing. Addressing the challenges encountered during the Shopify integration process, we meticulously resolved issues related to improper header menu functionality and app integration. Today, all third-party apps work properly, including accessibility features that are highly important for the USA market.

Our solution koio

We also successfully managed the Shopify 2.0 transition, enabling more flexible content usage, and giving our client more flexibility and control over content with existing customizations.

As we continued our journey of improvement and to supercharge sales, we revamped the cart drawer section, adding exciting discounts and irresistible bundles. It wasn't just about increasing sales numbers as we needed to ensure accessibility for all users and were committed to making the platform accessible to everyone. After diligently conducting rigorous testing and fine-tuning, our Shopify Plus experts ensured compliance with accessibility standards for all users.

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The collaborative efforts between KOIO and DigitalSuits yielded remarkable results:

  • Site сonversion rate: increased from 0.8% to 1%
  • Site speed: improved by 30%–35%

Additionally, DigitalSuits received praise from KOIO for our communication quality of work, and responsiveness, earning a 5-star rating from the client. This successful collaboration has transitioned into continuous long-term project support and maintenance with our Shopify retainer program, marking the highest commendation for our team.

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Joe Anhalt desktop
Joe Anhalt desktopJoe Anhalt
Head of Marketing
“The level of their Shopify development talent is fantastic; they have outstanding Shopify developers.”
We had challenges with finding reliable and cost-efficient Shopify developers. We had previously worked with a US-based agency, but we experienced many issues. We met DigitalSuits through a referral. Since we started working with them, we’ve seen a very dramatic improvement in our website conversions, going from 0.8% to 1%, which is a big result for us. Moreover, our site speed has increased by around 30%–35%. Those are our main KPIs.
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