Yepoda Shopify 2.0 migration case


Migrating five stores from Shopify to Shopify 2.0 within tight deadlines to release new designs and integrate custom solutions.

Shopify 2.0 upgrade

Upgrading five websites to Shopify 2.0 and adding custom features


Berlin, Germany

Cooperation model

Time and material / Dedicated team / Retainer

Partnership period

June 2021 – ongoing maintenance

Improvements plan

Discovery phase, Requirements and Estimation analysis, Software development, Replatforming, Maintenance and Support

Team size

Project Manager, three Shopify developers, UX/UI designer, QA engineer


Shopify 2.0, Node.js, React.js, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Liquid, GraphQL API, Rest API, AWS, Webpack, Lambda functions

About the client

Yepoda is a Korean skincare brand expanding rapidly in Europe, boasting six websites: five localized platforms and one under the ".com" domain for the EU zone. Co-founded by Sander 준영 and Veronika, Yepoda is dedicated to bringing the effectiveness of Korean skincare to the West, by formulating products with the best natural and active ingredients in South Korea without ever compromising on quality or sustainability. Yepoda focuses on making the K-Beauty routine an easy, joyful, and fun moment to look forward to at the end of the day. Sustainability is key,with a focus on optimizing packaging to reduce plastic consumption through the use of glass packaging, refillable options, and maintaining clean formulations. Yepoda's products are PETA approved, and they proudly partner with 1% for the Planet, donating 1% of every purchase to environmental projects annually.

About the client Yepoda

About the product

The name “Yepoda” is Korean for “pretty”. Focused on prevention over repair in skincare, Yepoda offers a full 6-step skincare routine to achieve a glowy, healthy skin. This routine includes their best selling double cleansing products, a face mist, masks for all skin types, specific serums, nourishing creams, and SPFs. Their website provides a skin analyzer integrated with DigitalSuits assistance to help customers build their routine. Besides skincare, you will find accessories and gift cards in their stores.

They used Shopify 1.0 Plus to manage their extensive product range and cater to a broad audience. Yet, to drive further innovation, Yepoda sought an even more flexible solution.

About the product Yepoda Shopify case
Yepoda Shopify 2.0 migration

Challenges overview

From a technical perspective, the company goal is to ensure a smooth selling process for a wide range of products and skincare sets. Their top priority is to improve user experience and implement flexible marketing settings to boost sales at every buyer's journey stage. Given Yepoda's proactive approach to adapting to market trends and customer demands, their need for customizations and innovations is quite substantial. Moreover, they had not updated their website design in quite some time. That breadth of demands led Sander to consider redesigning their storefronts and migrating to a cutting-edge platform. After thorough research and DigitalSuits recommendations, our client decided to migrate to Shopify 2.0.


Custom discount solution

We faced challenges with the discount functionality since Shopify returned an incorrect Cart ID. After our investigation, we had to switch to the new checkout. Still, it was impossible to do so in all the stores as it would break the existing discounts on production since the new checkout extensibility doesn’t work with the old discount functionality. That’s why we’ve decided to move only one store to the new checkout, create a new discount feature for this store, then test it and deploy it to all other stores.


Change requests

To enhance the project, the client requested modifications during the development process. It could be challenging to address new requirements after the plan is set up. Yet, our team addressed them carefully and brought all the client's ideas to life.

Our solution

In July 2023, the client began to work on redesigning the website and came up to our team with ideas for renovation. Shortly afterward, we approved the scope of work to do. However, we got tight deadlines as the task was to release a new version for Black Friday. Within three months, we had to re-platform five websites with new functionality and launch new designs with a lot of animation and interactivity.

We decided to develop an MVP version with the most crucial changes to prepare for the date. This version already included some default and custom discount options and ran with a new design on a new platform: Shopify 2.0. After the release of the MVP version, our team continued developing the project. We implemented more custom discounts for specific products and curated product bundles that adjust to the final checkout amount and bundle size. We also released Yepoda’s sixth website, which is localized in the UK.


In cooperation with DigitalSuits Shopify developers, Yepoda launched five redesigned websites on the Shopify 2.0 platform.

As a result:

  • Yepoda website user experience has improved
  • The website speed has skyrocketed since the redesign.
  • With Shopify 2.0, the Yepoda team has many more options for managing their content and adapting to market changes and customer preferences.

In 2021, Sander had three storefronts built on standard Shopify themes. Today, after partnering with DigitalSuits, Yepoda runs twice as many websites with native themes. They are based on Shopify 2.0 and have advanced custom features and a flexible content management system. All this together results in outstanding selling success for the client.

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Shopify 2.0 migration for Yepoda
Shopify 2.0 migration for Yepoda

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