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List of Biggest Companies That Use Shopify for Ecommerce Success

List of Biggest Companies That Use Shopify for Ecommerce Success

Shopify has many advantages. We often mention how flexible and innovative this platform is, and that’s not an exaggeration. Shopify integrates with numerous tools and offers advanced personalization. The platform keeps up with trends, rolls out regular updates, and does everything to accommodate its clients’ needs.

Do you need more proof of its credibility? Some of the world’s biggest brands are Shopify clients. Online stores from diverse categories belong here. Brands that use Shopify sell makeup, grocery, clothing, and technology. There are even charity and social initiatives on the list. The flexibility and innovation mentioned above are among the factors enabling this.

Our team has been developing Shopify stores for over eight years. Hardly any of our experts will find it surprising that Shopify is the number-one choice for many successful businesses. In this article, you’ll learn which companies use Shopify. You can use their sites for reference or inspiration.

But more importantly, let’s deconstruct the formula behind this popularity. What makes Shopify a go-for solution? What ideas can your ecommerce business drive from these examples? Our team analyzed some of the biggest brands on Shopify and their ecommerce stores. We highlighted the tips and practices that might be useful for you.

Major companies across industries using Shopify

So, who uses Shopify? This universal ecommerce platform opens advantages for businesses regardless of their niche. Have a look at some well-known companies that chose Shopify for their stores.

Retail and consumer goods

Retail and consumer goods companies include those in fashion, beauty, home goods, and more. Thus, the stores in this category vary not only in Shopify website design.

Kylie Cosmetics

This store traditionally opens the majority of lists of brands that use Shopify. It’s a huge leading beauty industry player with a wide range of goods such as makeup products, fragrances, body care, and baby care. Kylie Cosmetics has a strong social media presence. The website is a part within its ecosystem embodying its unique aesthetics.


This global beauty retailer also uses Shopify. One of Sephora’s highlights is its dedication to inclusivity and innovation. The company’s online store also reflects this. For example, there are virtual try-on features in addition to customized collections.


Mattel is associated with some iconic toys – in particular, Barbie, Hot Wheels, and Fisher-Price. As you can guess, on their website, users can buy these and other toys for children of all ages. The corporation’s store is intuitive and has a well-thought-out navigation that doesn’t overwhelm users.


Staples is also among the biggest Shopify brands. The leading office supplies, furniture, and technology retailer operates in B2B and B2C sectors. This serves as proof that Shopify can handle large product inventories and function seamlessly. Also, the store combines item and service ordering functionalities on a single website.


The store offers a vibrant collection of home decor items, ranging from furniture and rags to art prints. This company celebrates color, pattern, and plants. It promotes sustainability and supports artisans worldwide. The design of its online store fully reflects these vibes and values.


The company sells luxury bedding at accessible prices. Shoppers can find sheets, comforters, pillows, towels, and other items for their homes here. Brooklinen prioritizes quality materials and customer satisfaction, which includes a generous return policy. The online store has a neat design and is built very intuitively.

Technology and electronics

Now, let’s take a look at some well-known tech companies using Shopify for sales. There are a few names you’ve definitely heard.



Tesla is one of the biggest companies that use Shopify. The brand’s store showcases and sells electric vehicles and renewable energy products. The website uses minimalistic navigation and vibrant, a bit futuristic imagery. It seems that Shopify’s and Tesla’s innovations are a good match.


Fitbit develops smartwatches and activity trackers. These devices monitor heart rate, track steps, provide insights into sleep patterns, and more. Fitbit’s gadgets stand out for their user-friendly design and simplicity, and so does its store.


A smart home technology company offers IoT devices. The product range features various home automation gadgets – security cameras, smart bulbs, locks, and others. The online store has an excellent categorization and very detailed product pages. It also combines item and service-selling functionalities. Users can buy safety plans in addition to devices.

Food and beverage

Our list of Shopify’s biggest customers features some successful food and beverage brands. You can find both small businesses and corporations operating in this niche. Traditionally, we’ll focus on some famous names.


Heinz, best known for its iconic ketchup and a wide range of other sauces and packaged food, is also among the big brands that use Shopify. Heinz’s online store uses colorful imagery, good storytelling, and advanced personalization.


The prestigious Swiss chocolate is also sold via Shopify. Exquisite chocolates, from truffles to pralines, are now available for online ordering. Besides attracting users with visuals, the store fe