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Hire Shopify Experts

Hire Shopify Experts


By using benefits of Shopify for e-commerce store development, it is easy to design a website and start selling. But with today's competitive market it's not enough just to have an e-commerce tool. To push your business to take off, you need an innovative website providing a premium experience to numerous clients with diverse demands. Thus, a site needs to be filled with high-quality content and still have a good loading speed. The store design needs to emphasize your unique brand, while the navigation needs to be simple and user-friendly. SEO optimization and third-party API integrations are key factors to ensure you get enough sales. The right balance between getting the critical lead info while keeping fields to a minimum is important for your conversions — otherwise, your store can be lost among others. All these reasons make merchants choose Shopify experts.

Shopify experts know the platform inside out and help brands stay at the forefront of innovation, scaling when market boundaries get blurred and technology becomes more flexible to sell globally.

But how to hire Shopify developers?

Here we will reveal many reasons why it is worth considering hiring Shopify experts and give you some tips on how to find your ideal Shopify partner.

Benefits of hiring a Shopify expert

To create a solution that will take you through the first year and make you a well-established business with future scaling, you need to have a business plan. It is better to have qualified experts involved in the development of your project. Here are some of the benefits of hiring Shopify developers:

Extensive domain expertise

Working with a Shopify expert will allow you to realize your incredible ideas and upgrade your strategies based on their years of experience and vast expertise. When you tell experts your requirements, they not only consider your wishes but also help you implement them with cutting-edge technology and an eye to the future. By using web development tech such as Liquid, React, JQuery, HTML5, CSS3, and Ajax API your Shopify expert team creates a unique user experience for your customers and develops the product to live up to the demands of the future e-commerce era by:

  • creating a store with cross-border fulfillment able to scale up sales and reach new markets and potential customers
  • enthralling UX/UI design enhancing productivity of the business and improving the conversion rate
  • Shopify plugin development solution helping to modify the shop and enhance its performance
  • multi-language and currency support enabling your customers to have better shopping experience by using their native language and currency
  • custom Shopify development making your e-commerce solution unique to suit the needs and objectives of your brand.

Best results in the shortest time

By hiring a Shopify expert team, you are delegating authority to a group of specialists who are skilled in every aspect of the Shopify platform. The expert team will render exceptional services for Shopify e-commerce solutions. Among them are:

  • Headless commerce development
  • Shopify app development
  • customization
  • website development
  • site speed optimization
  • mobile-first design implementation
  • third-party APIs integrations
  • SEO optimization
  • ongoing support and consulting

Delegating and dividing the task amongst a few skilled engineers makes it possible to do work in the best way possible and within limited timeframes.

Improved project performance

To improve the team's performance with the least effort required, a Shopify team holds regular meetings to monitor the current situation on the project. At these meetings, all data are analyzed, problems are sorted out, further actions are determined, and a corrective plan is drafted. The Team Lead or Project Manager curates a list of items that need to be improved. This energizes the process and makes the work smoother.

The team has daily stand-up meetings to ensure good communication and coordinated work. Thus, everyone is aware of the overall scope of work.

Better customer experience

The primary goal of setting up expert e-sales is meeting customer needs. A Shopify expert knows how to analyze your target audience and their shopping needs to increase customer engagement and sales. Developers customize the existing Shopify template according to your needs and change the design, plugin, and features of shopping carts to create the types of customer experiences that result in happy customers. Moreover, a Shopify development team will help you expand the functionality by integrating with the third-party apps, which will keep your customers’ attention and encourage them to return to your store and make purchases.

Immediate kick-off

Your Shopify experts work as a close-knit team of professionals. Your project gets launched according to the schedule. All specialists interact within the team and know the scope of their responsibilities and clear deadlines for delivering each task. So, to start work, you do not need to hold multiple meetings with various teams and specialists to determine goals and work plans.

Steps to hire an experienced Shopify expert for your e-commerce store

Once you've made the decision that you are ready to hire a developer, the next question will be how to hire a Shopify expert. Here you will find several tips on where to find a professional team and how to make sure that the team you found is a good fit for your business.

Steps to Build a Shopify App

Step 1. Looking for Shopify candidates as per your requirement

One of the handy tools for finding the right candidates is hiring online at top platforms: Clutch, Upwork, Toptal, LinkedIn, AngelList, and Stack Overflow.

To cover important project details you need to draw up a good offer. What to out in there?

  1. Give a detailed project description for which you are hiring a Shopify development team.
  2. Set a budget to decide how much money you are ready to spend on the project.
  3. Identify the special skills, tech stack, and comfortable hourly rate needed to create and submit your project.

Do a little research on the candidates: what technology stack they have used, what companies they have worked with, what projects they have done, and google them. You may send invites so that Shopify developers can send you their proposals in response to your posted offer. After getting responses you may move to the next stage and try to define what’s best for you.

Step 2. How to make an evaluation


In the interview try to figure out as much information about the development team as possible.

Communicate with middle or senior developers and find out how their level of expertise meets the needs of your project. Pay attention to how they respond to your questions — whether the answers are clear and persuasive. If you face problems with communication at this stage, most likely, there will be problems with cooperation further. Only after careful research of your potential partners, their experience, portfolio, reviews, and recommendations you can count on getting work done at the appropriate level.

Transparent project management

It is equally important to study the project management process of your potential Shopify partner. Having transparency within project implementation is a guarantee of creating a successful e-commerce store. Learn how your development team organizes the project management process.

In our practice, we keep a high level of transparency to make processes easier, both communication and development. We stay in touch through constant meetings, sprint or week reports, time reports, and product roadmaps. Our project managers keep our clients updated and set up a schedule of meetings based on the client’s preferences. In this way, we are able to manage their expectations. Among the main tools we use in our work are Gantt Chart, Jira, Confluence, Toggl, Basecamp, and Trello. Jira is one of the main tools to provide efficient project management, helping with such necessary features as roadmaps, diagrams, and schedules. We use it to plan our work and create roadmaps of the projects with schedules and lead times. With its help, we demonstrate roadmaps to customers and a complete picture of software development. For smaller projects, we mostly use Basecamp. It helps track all changes in documents, and task statuses and follow different projects. When there are only a few improvements to small projects needed, we use Trello.

An appropriate collaboration model

Working with a professional Shopify developer, you get access to different engagement models that best suit your project needs. Considering project requirements, the development team will provide data analysis, create wireframes and prototypes, write code, implement testing, deployment and maintenance under that chosen collaboration model that best fits your needs and requirements. The choice of a model depends on different things, and you can check our experience with clients in the following engagement models:

  1. Outstaffing is augmenting your internal development team with our qualified Shopify engineers, project managers, quality assurance engineers, and designers.
  2. Project-based model provides a dedicated software development team that will be assigned to your single project from beginning to end.
  3. Retainer model allows you to book in advance a guaranteed and specified amount of hours of software engineering for your needs.
  4. Support & Maintenance is a perfect choice to improve functionality by upgrading and supporting existing features and be sure that your product runs smoothly.

Step 3. Making a decision

When answering ‘how to hire Shopify experts’, you need to consider all the aspects of your business needs and project requirements, monitor Shopify development agencies, and choose the most suitable one. At the first glance, it seems to be impossible. If this is the case, the best thing you can do is hire a Shopify Development company that offers a variety of e-commerce services, for example, DigitalSuits.


We have 5 years of experience in successful development of Shopify apps and websites using scalable technologies and tools. If the e-commerce platform functionality seems to you limited, we offer to build headless e-commerce solutions to unlock new business opportunities. Contact us, and we will dedicate all our experience to your success!

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