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Medium-sized companies are the backbone of economies. Digitalization offers medium-sized companies tools that will leverage business and help them remain competitive among less technical peers.

  • In the UK there are 35,600 medium-sized companies. They contribute to the employment of about 3.5 million people, 12.5% of the total working population. They make up over 15.4% of the total turnover, about £600 billion.
  • In Israel medium-sized businesses are estimated at 3.1 % of the business population, about 20,000 companies. They employ no less than 20% of the whole working population, which is about 700,000 employees.
  • In the USA there are about 200,000 mid-sized companies. They contribute to the employment of about 50 million people. It is estimated that one company’s revenue is between $10 million to $1 billion.

Number of medium-sized enterprises in the US, the UK, Israel

Number of medium-sized enterprises in the US, the UK, Israel
Number of medium-sized enterprises in the US, the UK, Israel

To provide our clients with the best solution, we conduct the business audit, that is, we review all business processes, roadblocks, and challenges. On the basis of the audit, we offer only cost-effective and necessary features that will increase business performance. To scale your business, it is necessary to upgrade outdated programs or platforms that you use. Moreover, deployment of new custom features to the current solutions is crucial to remain relevant to the market. Also, integrating your business to the existing popular services on the market will allow you to cover more audiences.

We update your current systems or products to be more cost-efficient and flexible in terms of competition. If your business needs to add new features to the existing website or product, we develop and implement bright new solutions using a wide range of technologies. We integrate them into the modern services that your business works with.

To scale the business it is necessary to rebuild the ecosystem through technology. Implementing technologies like cloud solutions, customized software with add-on integrations will leverage the business strategy, and personalize the customer experience.

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