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PoC Shopify App Development — Easy Online Food Ordering


Our client, a Japanese business owner, found our company among Clutch’s best Shopify service providers. We received a task to create a PoC for an online food ordering application. The main criteria were to meet Japanese customers’ expectations and to create a great service app. We also had to learn some cultural traits to provide the best solution for our client’s needs.

Business needs

The need for the product appeared during the COVID-19 pandemic. The main query was to develop a PoC of an application for online food ordering. The client needed a proof-of-concept to test the idea of the software and gather real users feedback on restaurants. After getting real insights on the idea, the client wanted to develop a product as a SaaS solution.

The idea of developing the software product was to decrease human-related contacts in restaurants. We focused on process automation and aimed to create a board for online ordering and handling the payment. Our client wanted to have such modules as Order created, Kitchen, Ready to Serve, Delivered.


NodeJS is an open-source runtime environment used for traditional websites, Shopify plugins development, and back-end API services
Serverless Framework is an open-source tool that can be used for building, packing, and deploying different serverless applications on such platforms, as AWS, GCP, Azure, and others.
AWS RDS PostgreSQL is a managed relational database service for PostgreSQL. PostgreSQL is an open-source SQL database with wide functionality and adaptable search.
AWS Event Bridge is a source that allows to build event-driven applications at scale and integrate them with other Software-as-a-Service applications and AWS services. It delivers real-time data from event sources to target SaaS applications.
AWS Lambda is a serverless source that allows to run the code for applications or backend services without provisioning or managing servers.
Netlify Cloud is a powerful serverless platform that allows automated deployments, shareable previews using multi-cloud migration.


To meet our clients’ expectations, we developed two applications:

Shopify website

It allows users to scan a QR code and see the restaurant menu. The checkout page helps clients to make a choice and place an order. After order confirmation, the customer can pay for the order in a simple and secure way.

The order status board

It displays the current status of every order. The restaurant staff can see and process the orders in real-time. The system provides quick order update and allows the customers to track their orders.

We connected both solutions using AWS Event Bridge. When the order is created on Shopify website it is automatically displayed and saved on the order status board in a “To Do” column. It provides quick and efficient processing.


The well-organized work of our team provided a successful implementation of the unique digital solution. We created the PoC according to the requirements and applied the concept to one production store. Our engineering team delivered the following tasks on time:

  • We developed a Shopify website that allows visitors to make orders easily and provides quick and safe payments.

  • We created an order status board application for a restaurant in which orders are displayed and managed by staff.

  • We paid particular attention to security features and architecture usability.

  • We developed an integration between the Shopify API, our backend solution, and GraphQL API. This allowed to show and monitor the orders and their statuses received from Shopify on the Restaurant app.

As a result, we automated a humanless process of food ordering. Our client successfully tested their business idea and collected user feedback for future software development.

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