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Building a Web App for Online Food Ordering


Our partner approached us with a need to create a web app to help Japanese clients to make online orders in restaurants and cafes. We needed to develop an app that will run on mobile devices with relevant quality and speed.

Business needs

The challenge was to develop a software solution to get the menu from the Blain, which is a Point of Sale terminal used for menu storing. The solution also had to transfer the order, once it’s ready, to the restaurant staff. The new App was supposed to allow the client to quickly and easily place an order using mobile devices.


technology image
NodeJS is an open-source runtime environment used for traditional websites, Shopify plugins development, and back-end API services
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AWS RDS PostgreSQL is a managed relational database service for PostgreSQL. PostgreSQL is an open-source SQL database with wide functionality and adaptable search.
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Serverless Framework is an open-source tool that can be used for building, packing, and deploying different serverless applications on such platforms, as AWS, GCP, Azure, and others.
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AWS Aurora DB is a part of Amazon Relation Database Service that allows quick data replication without impact on data performance and fast reads with low latency in each region.
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AWS Lambda is a serverless source that allows to run the code for applications or backend services without provisioning or managing servers.
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Netlify Cloud is a powerful serverless platform that allows automated deployments, shareable previews using multi-cloud migration.


To meet our client’s needs, we created a Front-end web application that quickly operates on different mobile devices. It is fully mobile-adapted and works fast on mobile devices, thanks to caching.

The next step was the Back-end development process. We developed the Back-end that is responsible for getting Blain menu data and, when an order is created, transferring it to Blain. We used GraphQL API to connect the Front-end to the Back-end.

We had the task to deal with third-party services to implement the app using the interconnection and data synchronization between Blain, POS system, and Sarah. Sarah is the service providing reviews and scores of items. We created a serverless solution, operating the latest technology stack with the optimal cost and good quality.


Now our project is in its final stage. The main functionality is ready for use.

  • We developed a Front-end app for quick and easy order placing.

  • We provided Back-end integration with Blain for order processing.

  • We created GraphQL API for getting all parts together.

  • We established effective interaction of the Front-end app and Back-end app using GraphQL API.

We are currently in the stabilization phase and working on the actual testing of the App. We got positive feedback from our client about the team’s results, engagement, and collaboration. As a result, we helped our client to create an ordering app and ensured a good restaurant food delivery process, providing the clients with the best quality services.

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