Migration from an omnichannel commerce platform to Shopify Plus


Our client is the UK company that works with retailers from around the globe. They help their customers to rebuild online stores and provide digital transformation to ensure business profitability. We cooperate with them on a few projects as Shopify experts. Now we want to share a success story of migration from an omnichannel commerce platform to Shopify Plus.

Business needs

This project allows us to demonstrate the business needs of the end customer. This is a cycling retailer in the USA with a few offline shops. He wanted to provide a new service for the customers — to get orders in one of the shops even if spare parts were located in a few warehouses or shops. This approach could be implemented by two major things — providing digital transformation and making the migration from an old website to a new one based on Shopify Plus. This platform supports the functionality of receipting purchases in an offline store. At first glance, it was a perfect match for realization.