Headless BigCommerce Solution for OURA


Our client OURA, a US-based company, approached us with a need to empower their website and expand their presence in different markets. The company produces different types of textiles: headwear, air masks, skincare exfoliants, kitchen aprons. We were impressed by the company's inspiring core values — donating charities that help children with cancer.

Business needs

The company was ready to expand its business and increase its presence in different markets and locations such as the USA, Canada, Europe, and Malaysia. That’s why they needed a separate store for each market. Moreover, OURA needed to sell in different currencies, but there would be many restrictions and obstacles for using their existing platform. It didn’t support a multi-currency option in many countries, among them Malaysia, one of the targeted markets.

OURA wanted to be flexible, manage content as they needed and expand on detailed product descriptions, as well as add video and photo content. The improvement of the content management system was a high-priority request. Thus, there was a need to change the e-commerce platform to meet new business needs. To avoid marketing restrictions, limited payment options, and improve the content management workflow it was decided to migrate to the BigCommerce platform.