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Shopify Store Development for Kitchen Knife Manufacturer Artisan Revere


Artisan Revere is a US-based startup. The founder David began to produce professional knives, started a campaign on Kickstarter in 2019, and then set up the business. The idea behind it was to make knives of the best quality on the market with aerospace-rated technology and super durable Elmax vanadium steel. He found like-minded people, started to run the business, and soon even the US most popular magazines and newspapers wrote about it (i.e., New York Times, The Gadgeteer, GearJunkie).

Business needs

The objective was to develop a website from scratch on Shopify with a custom request of gift bag offer depending on a customer order. That feature was not covered by the native Shopify solution, so our team was excited to look for a simple low-cost and quick solution.


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HTML5/CSS3 are markup languages used to define and structure content on web pages. They are used for modern UI website development.
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JavaScript is a text-based programming language that is used both for the client-side and server-side. It provides web pages with interactive elements engaging users.
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JQuery is a free open-source library that is used for document navigation, DOM elements selection, animation creation, and events handling.
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Liquid is a software release methodology providing quick push upgrades to apps or online systems several times a day. It is based on a direct connection to the end product.
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Webpack is a tool that compiles JavaScript modules. It generates a file or a few files that run an app, re-run tasks, and track changes.
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Advanced Custom Fields is a plugin that allows admins to manage structured meta fields to collections, products and orders.


Providing a great user experience, we offered a gift accurately after a user added items to his/her cart. We found a Liquid-based solution that generates a layout without reloading the page. When the customer chooses items, he/she sees a related gift in the cart and can add it to the order. Moreover, customers who have a discount code can easily enter it into the cart and get goods at a special price. All that stuff is saving and available in a user account and for the website owners.


We developed a Shopify-based website with custom solutions in a short time and within the budget. Now Artisan Revere has a valuable marketing tool that makes its customers happier.

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