Understatement Underwear

Understatement Underwear

Redesigning and developing custom features for a women's underwear store to improve user experience and boost conversions.

Shopify Plus store redesign and ongoing support with the retainer service



Cooperation model
Partnership period

July 2022- present

Improvements plan

Discovery Phase, Requirements and Estimation Analysis, Prototyping and Designing/ MVP release, ongoing support and maintenance

Team size

Shopify developer, UI/UX designer, Project manager


Shopify, Shopify Plus, JS, HTML, Liquid, CSS

About the client

Understatement is a body-positive company established in 2017 by women for women in Sweden. The main ideas behind their brand are making women happy with redefined underwear and contributing to the world where women can be whomever they want.

By purchasing Understatement panties and bras, you can contribute to women's welfare, donating 1% of your order amount to girls' education, women's shelters, and breast cancer prevention projects.

From the marketing perspective, Understatement's goal is to attract women from anywhere in the world to its online store and provide them with exceptional underwear products and user experience that motivates them to return.

About the client Understatement

About the product

The client's product line covers a wide range of women's demands, providing them with the comfort they deserve by eliminating annoying things like underwires and restrictive padding without compromising on style. You'll find in their storefront not only panties and bralettes but also swimwear, sleepwear, and accessories like socks, caps, and skincare products.

Given the creative and thorough approach to the design of their underwear products, the client cares as much about the store's design to communicate the brand's identity and message and provide customers with an easy and clear understanding of their products. To fulfill this approach, the client came to us for assistance in redesigning and optimizing their Shopify Plus store.

About the product Understatement
Shopify plus case

Challenge overview

The client's main focus was to match the website's UX with user expectations and preferences and update the design to meet modern trends.

From the technical point of view, we had to redesign the Understatement website, renew the homepage and product detail page (PDP), and add new features to improve user experience. We were also required to optimize website performance by removing apps and snippets that overload the website and implementing ongoing technical updates.

Challenge overview Understatement case

Our solution

Along with assisting the client in implementing their ideas, we offered improvements like better engagement and interactivity features that, from our ecommerce experience, we knew would improve user feedback. This way, we’ve established productive communication within the Shopify retainer service for implementing appealing and highly-converting solutions at every stage of our project. To get insights about user preferences, we also conducted A/B tests, such as testing old and new PDP designs.

As a result of such cooperation, we've implemented the following solutions.

  • Improved cart drawer: Today, the website's cart drawer has powerful custom upsell features, such as a progress bar and bundling feature. With the progress bar, customers see how many products they need to add to a cart to get free shipping or a gift. The bundling feature suggests a product that would complement an already-picked one in the cart, like olive bikini briefs, which would complement an olive bikini top.

  • Suggested products: The same as for the cart, Understatement customers can see suggested products on the product detail pages when choosing the desired item. Products are recommended based on their color, size, and - the best part - on the material of a picked item.

Our solution Shopify Plus case

  • Interactive PDP: In addition to the bundling feature on the PDP, we've added a preview feature to see all available colors of a picked product on a single page. Previously, users had to look through the entire product list to find the same product with another color.

  • Size filter: We implemented size filters to let users check how their picked product looks on a person's size (S, L, M, etc.). This feature is intended to avoid misleading perceptions of a product, such as when you purchase an L-size closing based on its S-size photo.

Our solution Shopify redesign case

  • Homepage and header redesign: Our team is currently working on entirely new approaches to the design of the homepage and header. We’re testing different versions and improving every part to ensure exceptional user experience.

  • Improved website navigation: We're currently implementing new navigation, which is expected to boost user experience even further.

Our solution Shopify Plus development case

  • Custom integration with Yotpo: We built custom Shopify integration with a popular review service – Yotpo. By using Yotpo APIs, our team created from scratch an entirely unique review section consistent with the overall website design.

  • Customization on the client side: We provide our client with options to customize all the implemented features on their own through their admin panel. For instance, using in-built filters, they can choose products and accessories for upsell and just in a minute change the PDP look. This way, we save the clients' time and money by letting them change everything they need at any moment without requesting the developers.

Our solution Shopify retainer case

  • Code unification: Within the recent year, we put our efforts into code refactoring to unify the Understatement store behind the scenes. We deleted deprecated code pieces and optimized some functional parts. This invisible work from the user side improved website performance and clarified the project for anyone accessing it backstage.

  • Performance improvement: Many website processes were previously crafted using apps and builders that slowed down the load. Our solution was to replace them with custom code-based features that speed up website performance and improve user experience.

Our solution Shopify Plus retainer case


In close cooperation with the client, we achieved profound progress. Thanks to the renewed website design and its improved convenience and attractiveness to users, the returning customer rate increased by 8%, and organic traffic was boosted by 5K. In combination with the new upsell features, all of these factors also contributed to a 22% higher conversion rate compared to the previous year.

We're proud to admit that starting in 2022 until today, the Understatement team continues choosing us as their only one and trusted partner for developing and maintaining their Shopify store. This is the best acknowledgment of the quality of our work and the value our team brings to the client.

Result Understatement case
Shopify Plus maintenance case

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