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Innovative Beauty Company

Excelling in beauty retail through the launch of a new Shopify Headless store for a global brand

Building a Shopify Headless website for a global beauty brand



Cooperation model


IndustryPartnership period

June 2023 – Ongoing development

Improvements plan

Discovery phase, requirements, and estimation analysis, prototyping and designing, MVP release, ongoing support and maintenance

Team size

Product owner, Project manager, Lead software engineer, Full-stack Node.js developer, React.js developer, UI/UX designer


Shopify, Shopify Plus, Shopify Hydrogen, Shopify Oxygen, Remix, Node.js, React.js, Tailwind CSS, Sanity.io, HTML, CSS, JavaScript

About the client

Let's introduce our client, a beauty brand with a 135-year history on the market. The brand owners build their businesses around that idea to give women the opportunity to both earn and learn as beauty advisers. That is not only a chance to attain economic freedom and make a career in the beauty industry but also to enhance their own health and beauty with brand products. This philosophy continues to define the company's spirit today. The beauty collections are still full of a diverse range of scientifically tested, clinically proven, and innovative best-selling products for everyday use.

Beauty company

About the product

A DTC store that provides clients with world-class beauty and personal care brand products today encompass highly effective formulas, undergo animal-free testing, and include clean beauty collections that consistently deliver on their promises. Started its journey 75 years ago as a cosmetics manufacturer, today the brand has evolved into a global online ecommerce market with a diverse range of cosmetics and personal care products for every client's needs.

These days, the company has partnered with Korea's premier cosmetics brand, allowing customers to try innovative beauty collections that have become a vital part of people's daily lives. The idea of development a new website emerged as a necessity to rejuvenate the brand and launch a new project. Our team joined the project immediately to build new features and functionalities for the website's best-possible improvements.

Shopify cosmetics website
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Challenge overview

We have provided e-commerce development support and consultations for the brand, and our partner faced some deadline delays on an important project. The manager of the company realized that the project deadlines would not be met. Therefore, he asked to join the project and help complete it within the required timeframe.

The client aimed to build a brand new digital flagship store that delivers the brand identity, boosts conversion, and encourages customers to return again and again. Thus, they needed the assistance of a software developer company specializing in enhancing the website's user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) to meet user expectations and achieve an appealing visual design. Our goal was to ensure that the visual and interactive aspects of the website or application were not only user-friendly but also aesthetically pleasing and functionally efficient. The DigitalSuits development team also needed to integrate the website with e-commerce and SMM channels to create a captivating digital experience that increases conversion and lives long in the memory. It was challenging to have a tight deadline and cooperate with new team members, but we successfully managed the project.

Building Shopify headless website

Our solution

Our team at DigitalSuits was excited to implement a range of innovative features on a new website to offer extensive customization options based on the Shopify Hydrogen, Shopify Plus, and Shopify Oxygen frameworks. We advised Shopify solutions in combination with the Saniti.io platform, as they give maximum flexibility for e-commerce development projects due to the great customization options, powerful initiative interfaces, and great distribution features.

We significantly enhance the website's frontend and enable seamless integration of third-party tools to create compelling product descriptions and establish efficient distribution channels. The delivery process now operates seamlessly, eliminating delays that previously impacted the company's operations.


Utilization of the latest technology stack

Employ the latest technology stack to update the frontend of the website.



We've integrated Emarsys, Refersion, Validity, Bundles, ShipZip, CyberSource, Skeepers, PowerReviews, and Sanity.io for enhanced functionality and user experience.


Customizable content workspaces

Provide entirely customizable content workspaces for the client's convenience.


The Native Shopify platform now offers capabilities that were once exclusive to headless architectures, and it's important to note that we utilized Shopify Hydrogen, Plus, and Oxygen for this project. Highly customizable on the frontend and supported by an industry-leading backend, these implementations represent a secure, fully hosted solution capable of scaling businesses to any desired location. With Shopify Native's robust features and Sanity.io CMS, we further elevated the customer experience, strengthened marketing capabilities, and optimized delivery processes. Our Shopify experts' work resulted in:

  • Significantly improved frontend: providing visually appealing and efficient customer services.

  • Efficient order processing: reducing the time between order placement and fulfillment.

  • Integrated: streamlined distribution channels that eliminated delays in the delivery process.

Shopify Plus website development

  • Enhanced marketing capabilities: allowing for more effective campaigns and promotions.

  • Ready for total rebranding: which not only addresses challenges but also contributes to the overall success and growth of the client's business.

  • Improved customer service: contributing to improved satisfaction and loyalty.

There were no roadblocks on the project, thanks to our team's collaborative efforts toward a common goal to deliver the project on time with optimal outcomes. The strongest testament to our exceptional results is our partner's choice to extend our collaboration and continue receiving technological support for their website from DigitalSuits. This ongoing partnership is a true indicator of the client's satisfaction and commitment to a future together.

Website development for beauty brand

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