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What are the Best Apps for Shopify E-commerce?

What are the best Shopify Apps for E-commerce_

There are over 5,800 apps in Shopify App Store now. If you want to extend the functionality of your online store, you will definitely find what you need there. With these extensions, you will increase your conversion rate, improve your analytics with smart dashboards, get valuable feedback and reviews from customers, set up marketing tools, translate online stores to multiple languages, and much more.

I've collected 19 best Shopify apps that will help you attract more visitors and increase sales. Whether you are just looking to run your own e-commerce business or you’re willing to extend functionality to a current online store, this list is for you.

Best Shopify apps for e-commerce

Search engine & ads

1. Smart Search

Smart Search & Instant Search provides your customers with advanced search options. I personally really like this app as it perfectly expands the search functionality and is flexible. It empowers me to turn all the client’s wishes into reality.

Integration with this best app for Shopify store allows you to navigate your visitors better and thus, make more conversions! When your customer starts looking for an item and uses a search bar, they will be offered the most relevant product suggestions in the drop-down menu. This solution supports Autocomplete, Autocorrection, “Did you mean” feature, Synonyms, and Personalization features, and more across all products, content, and sitemap. Therefore, this smart filtering helps shoppers to get results faster.

Referral, affiliate & influencer marketing

2. Smile

Do you want to build a loyal community of customers? Smile app will help you with making trustworthy loyalty programs! Smile provides an easy-to-build platform with interactive pop-ups, and an opportunity to make special offers and campaigns through reward points. With this app, you will attract and retain your shoppers more, as they will: earn points for different actions on the website, like placing orders or filling a personal account; participate in bonus programs or expiry campaigns; invite friends via the referral program; get free gifts or use coupons at a reduced price.

This is a truly superb loyalty app, as it doesn’t affect the website speed and offers a lot of features for customer retention using rewards and referrals.

Reviews and ratings

3. Judge.me

Getting social proof of your items is highly important for an e-commerce store, isn’t it? With Judge.me , you can collect and display clients’ feedback — photo, video, and product text reviews.

It makes your website trustworthy, increases conversions and buyer engagement. Moreover, this app allows you not only to display verified 5-star ratings, but also gives you unlimited review requests, provides you with automatic reminders after purchasing, and shares reviews on social media.

4. Loox

This tool is among the top of the best Shopify apps 2022, and it isn’t surprising. Loox is a fully-fledged product review app, which helps to gather authentic customer reviews, offer discounts for adding photos and videos, and schedule by delivery time or order status.

When you add Loox to your store, you’ll build trustful relations with your customers, keep retention and sales high, and increase word of mouth and referrals.

The key benefits of Loox:

  • Highly customized content allows you to choose what item review to publish and when.
  • Easy import of reviews from other services and possibility to share in social media..
  • Wide branding options, such as e-mail timing, review forms, widget colors, font size, and positioning
  • SEO support to enhance your search result with the help of Rich Snippets.

Sales and promotion

5. Candy Rack

Candy Rack is a top-rated Shopify App for upselling. Trusted by over 4,000 merchants, the app allows users to easily create upsell & cross-sells offers and display them when a customer clicks on the “Add to Cart” page. An effective pop-up helps to generate up to 30% take rate within the first months of using it.

AI-powered smart auto upsell feature allows you to display the most relevant upsell offers to your customers. With simple and intuitive app settings and outstanding customer service, you can easily integrate the upselling techniques into your store.

Sleek and modern design is another big highlight of the app. On your wish, the Candy Rack customer’s support team can adjust the pop-up design and make it aligned with your storefront design in terms of colors or fonts.

Do not leave money on the table, try out this simple and sleek upsell app and increase your store’s Average Order Value (AOV) immediately.

6. Wishlist

Wishlist Plus is one of the top Shopify apps that allows customers to add a preferred product to a wishlist. This app helps to make your website more user-friendly and encourages users to continue shopping with personalized offers.

Consumers can bookmark favorite products without a need to log in. This information will be synchronized across different devices. The feature allows to see how many times an item was added to users' wishlist, which creates a desire to purchase and, as a result, increases income.

Wishlist Plus provides you with an easy-to-use dashboard where you can analyze wishlist activities and metrics, and get valuable insights for upcoming marketing campaigns.

Wishlist is easy to integrate with Shopify themes. If necessary, its functionality can be extended.

Email and SMS marketing

7. Klaviyo

From my perspective, Klaviyo is one of the best Shopify apps for e-commerce. Klaviyo is a modern email marketing platform that helps you to build rapport with customers. Over 50,000 stores use Klaviyo to drive more sales through personalized email, web, and in-app notifications.

When you are using Klaviyo, you can gather all consumers’ data in one place and create a memorable omnichannel experience, as this app can be integrated with all well-known ecosystems. Using this app, you will send welcome letters and promo notifications, automatically update customer segments, and have a dashboard with all analytics right at your fingertips.

8. ReCharge

If you want to add a subscription offering to your online store, you can use ReCharge. ReCharge is a Shopify app that makes buying easier. This app creates the best subscription experience for your customers. While your customers are enabled to manage their own subscriptions and get a discount for favorite items, you will increase revenue.

Out of many essential Shopify apps, this one gives you an opportunity to show your customers how much you care about their comfort and their level of happiness. Just imagine that shoppers will manage their subscriptions on their own via the customer portal or ReCharge SMS, reschedule the delivery and even skip a monthly shipment, as well as get discounts. Using Recharge, you will increase LTV and retention rate.

All in all, you engage and attract customers more, reduce churn and increase revenue by creating sweet offers at lower prices.

Page builders and elements

9. GemPages Flexible Page Builder

Dreaming about creating consistent high-quality content without the need to hire developers? GemPages Flexible Page Builder is the right solution for you. With this tool, it’s possible to produce unlimited custom web pages without coding.

From my point of view, it’s by far the best Page Builder out there! It contains 50+ templates and themes for any kind of business. Using this app, you can create any page