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Dashboard for Evolve Markets


Evolve Markets is a US-based broker that developed a platform for users who want to leverage trading of crypto, FX, stocks, commodities, and indices. The platform has been working since 2016, utilizing a pure Straight Through Processing (STP) model on the popular MT4 platform.

Business needs

The client approached us when a major part of the website had already been developed. They were looking for a software development partner to elaborate on the UI part of the dashboard. The client’s in-house team couldn't handle data processing of exchanging rates and didn't make analytical graphics. The solution was to create a management tool and a dashboard for data visualization.


AngularJS is a JavaScript-based framework used for dynamic web apps. AngularJS allows developers to reduce the amount of code writing by binding data and eliminating parts of the code. It simplifies and structures the JavaScript code.
HTML5/CSS3 are markup languages used to define and structure content on web pages. They are used for modern UI website development.


The solution we delivered was quite simple. The client granted access to frontend data, and we developed a dashboard. Also, the management tool allowed website administrators to work with data, including management of exchange rates.


The project was done on time and within the budget. With added features, Evolve Markets got more opportunities to manage business processes. Moreover, data visualization allowed users to understand the analytics better and helped them to make more conscious decisions.

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