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Insurtech Marketplace for Claim Technology


Our client, a UK based company, is a pioneer that offers a claim-as-a-service solution to the market. This startup enables digital transformation for insurance companies.

Business Needs

The idea is to provide digital transformation services to insurance companies by using the platform. It covers the following major goals: — optimizing the interaction between clients and insurance companies — speeding up data processing — as a result, reducing the costs of administration work


Ruby on Rails is a framework that provides default structures for a database, a web service, and web pages. It allows us to proceed with the quick development of API for a web application at all levels for MVP and PoC.
ReactJS is a library for UI creation based on the components. It enables the development of responsive UI and single-page applications.
BPMN Workflow Engine is a process execution engine that helps to model, visualize graphically, and automate business processes.
AWS for hosting and DevOps is the most suitable choice for small and medium-sized enterprises for its compatibility with open-source technologies. AWS provides a lot of useful services to develop and deliver an application as fast as possible.
PostgreSQL is an open-source SQL database with wide functionality and adaptable search.
REST API is an architectural style for the application program interface (API) that handles the existing protocol and is used for distributed hypermedia systems.


Our team developed an ecosystem of several applications that used a common API. We underscored product-specific processes as separate services that could be connected to the BPMN workflow engine. Also, we made a special interface for easy data management by the client side without coding. The separately connected services let us achieve the necessary flexibility and compliance with all requirements of the company's business processes.


We developed a stable claim-as-a-service platform with a wildcard domain. That flexible solution allowed the service to provide an allotted domain for registered companies, linked apps for data management, and access to API for integration with IT infrastructure.

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