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Our client is an Israeli startup that was founded by a few technical fellows with deep experience in the IT-sphere. The founders came up with a bright idea to devise an application that helps Shopify-based website owners to boost purchases.

Business needs

At the start of our cooperation, the client approached us to develop a part of the product that refers to the integration with Shopify. During our collaboration, our client was more than satisfied with our performance and offered us a job to develop the entire project. Still, what was the bright idea behind the project? Our client found out that e-commerce businesses could get more profit by using a bonus or credit system in case of returning orders. If a customer decides to return the goods, an online shop can refund in bonuses or keep the money on credit for them. This way, a business keeps the money on its balance and manages it. Also, both customers and e-commerce businesses save their budgets on bank operation transactions.


PHP is a server-side scripting language that is embedded in HTML. It can be used to manage dynamic content, databases, session tracking, and e-commerce website development.
Laravel is an open-source PHP web framework that simplifies software development by reusing common features like authentication, routing, sessions, and caching.
MySQL is an open-source database management system that is used for adding, accessing, and data warehousing.
AWS for hosting and DevOps is the most suitable choice for small and medium-sized enterprises for its compatibility with open-source technologies. AWS provides a lot of useful services to develop and deliver an application as fast as possible.
Livewire framework is a full-stack framework for Laravel that simplifies building dynamic UI interfaces.
Shopify API is a tool that helps developers to receive access to data from an online store. Also, it allows developers to manage the data on the Shopify UI and to create a custom solution or a new integration by using REST or GraphQL queries.


Having a UI-dashboard and an admin panel that worked for two types of users, admin, and customer, we started with the development of the Shopify plugin. It worked as a store credit system, which was available for users who had made a purchase return before. Now, the shop provides two options for users — a bonus or a cash balance on their account.

The next step was to develop an analytical system of orders and returns for online shop owners. We are still working on adding a Shopify refund feature to the application. In the nearest future, application users also may use cash refund. It creates a good ecosystem for a successful end-user experience in online purchases. It is a win-win situation, the business provides excellent service, and the customers are happy and loyal.


The first product release was done on time and within the budget. The application quickly got positive feedback on the Shopify store. Moreover, the app has been selected by Shopify to be featured in a special collection “Send products on their way”.

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