Industry Overview

Insurance is a developing industry, which is now creating more value through tech breakthroughs. The insurance increases its pace towards transformation. Now it is open to innovative ideas and reinvention. Innovation comes into play at multiple fronts: from non-life insurance to property, automotive, and agriculture to the changing business environment including regulations and shifting customer expectations. All clients’ digital experience is already shaped by the global tech revolution. It is crucial for insurance companies to leverage their tech services, for example, automation, connected spaces, integrations, mobile, and web solutions to meet customer expectations. Digital tools help to build a better connection with customers, demonstrate efficient decision-making, increase automation, and improve cost-saving policy. To unlock the potential, insurers should scale up and increase productivity by introducing tech solutions into business processes. To be more concrete:

Number of insurance companies by country:

Number of insurance companies by country:
Number of insurance companies by country:


We develop:

  • Management and Analytics Dashboards — by using dashboards, business owners or managers enable data sharing, data visualizing, and reporting data to the team or to the stakeholders. Building an interactive dashboard ensures a spotlight on your analytics and, thus, game-changing decisions.
  • Collection Solutions — customizable and scalable solutions such as a Chatbot or personalized client questionnaire application tailored to business needs and aiming to automate processes and collect necessary information. This tool is used for building business logic based on the collected data.
  • Business process optimization using a process engine enables better business management processes, including identifying issues, managing resources, saving time, and analyzing efficiency.
  • CRM system is a centralized database that provides improved information organization, automation of daily tasks, and analytical reporting, scales sales processes, and segments customers.
  • Document management is an essential component for the insurance business. Document management systems provide reducing storage space, enhance security, proper legal compliance, and essential backups.
  • SaaS solution — software-as-a-service solution allows companies to stay agile and versatile, properly allocate resources, accelerate development, and remain cost-effective.

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