AI Return & Exchange Assistant


Our client is an Israeli startup that was founded by a few technical fellows with deep experience in the IT-sphere. The founders came up with a bright idea to devise an application that helps Shopify-based website owners to boost purchases.

Business needs

At the start of our cooperation, the client approached us to develop a part of the product that refers to the integration with Shopify. During our collaboration, our client was more than satisfied with our performance and offered us a job to develop the entire project. Still, what was the bright idea behind the project? Our client found out that e-commerce businesses could get more profit by using a bonus or credit system in case of returning orders. If a customer decides to return the goods, an online shop can refund in bonuses or keep the money on credit for them. This way, a business keeps the money on its balance and manages it. Also, both customers and e-commerce businesses save their budgets on bank operation transactions.