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Google Announced a Partnership with Shopify

E-commerce news: Google partners with Shopify

The Internet giant Google announced partnership with the best-known platform for e-commerce business, Shopify, at its I/O Conference on May 18th. This integration will allow more than 1.7 million Shopify retailers to promote their products online on Google Search and other services of the company. Products will be promoted not only on the Google platform itself but also on the company's services — Images, Lens, Maps, and YouTube. This integration opens up huge opportunities for retailers, as it gives them access to the shopping journeys of billions of people. This will positively impact small and medium-sized enterprises, as their product will be easier to find.

Google Conference
Source: Google I/O conference

Google Shopping Graph

There is more to come, the most interesting news is just ahead. The key point is that Shopify will be integrated with Google’s “Shopping Graph” — an AI-powered tool that helps to collect all product data: item reviews, price, product reviews, and online shops. Its aim is to facilitate online shopping for users and provide them with an extensive product listing. Online shoppers will be better informed about the product and its availability, able to choose the best price , and buy items without commission.

Meanwhile, Shopify store owners will benefit from the partnership as they will become more discoverable across various Google services and they won’t be charged any fees by Google.

Now sellers could reach out to the millions of people who use Google for shopping. For Shopify retailers, this change means that they now have one more significant distribution channel and this should increase sales.

It seems that investors are also happy with this news — right after the conference, the Shopify stock was up to 3.52%.

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