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Top 10 Shopify Omnichannel Apps

Best Shopify omnichannel apps

Omnichannel commerce implies an integrative way of mixing sales, marketing, and support channels, to provide customers with personalized and seamless experiences. In regards to sales and marketing, going omnichannel means merging social media, email, SMS, online ads, and more into an integrated marketing strategy for creating a unified shoppings experience across all touch points.

Approaching your marketing efforts this way increases customer retention and lifetime value, makes shopping convenient for cross-platform users, boosts brand awareness and loyalty, and ultimately drives more sales. As for customer services, the omnichannel approach implies delivering consistent customer support across all your channels, be it Instagram, WhatsApp, or any other.

What are the tools for implementing omnichannel commerce in your business? Here, we explore the most popular omnichannel apps for Shopify that may help you in this journey. As an alternative way to go omnichannel, we also recommend considering custom Shopify app development. We’ll discuss its benefits at the end of this article.

Best Shopify omnichannel apps available in the Shopify Store

If you have browsed through the Shopify store to install must-have Shopify apps, you might have noticed that the apps are listed in various categories. To make it easier for you to navigate through our list of top Shopify omnichannel apps, we’ve sorted them based on their purpose in the following order:

You can also use these categories to find alternatives to the apps we describe next.

#1 Shopify POS

  • Vendor: Shopify

  • App categories: Retail

  • Description: Point of Sale (or POS) is an app created by Shopify developers to manage your online and offline store in a single place. It includes all the essential features for making sales, tracking performance, and managing customer profiles, product details, and inventory. Its local pickup and delivery feature allows customers to choose where to pick up their online orders.

  • Key features:

  1. Local pickup
  2. Email carts
  3. Returns & exchanges
  4. Inventory management
  5. Retail checkout
  • Customer review:

  • Price: Shopify POS provides two plans – Shopify POS Lite, which is free, and Shopify POS Pro, which charges $89/month per location. Shopify POS Lite is included in all Shopify plans and intended for selling at popups, markets, and fairs. Shopify POS Pro comes with a 14-day free trial and best suits brick-and-mortar stores.

#2 Willdesk

  • Vendor: Channelwill

  • App categories: Chat, Support ticket management

  • Description: Willdesk's app combines a full range of tools for omnichannel customer support. It provides a supporting features along with order tracking that doesn’t require installing additional tracking apps. The app works with Shopify Flow, Klavyio, Mailchimp, and other apps, helping to streamline your store operations.

  • Key features:

  1. Order tracking
  2. FAQ page
  3. Help center
  4. Ticketing system
  5. Multi-store integration
  6. Parcel panel
  • Customer review:

  • Price: The app includes a Free plan with 20 conversations and a free 7-day trial for each paid plan. Paid plans are Starter ($16,90/month for 100 conversations), Basic ($29,90/month for 300 conversations), and Pro ($89,90/month for 1,000 conversations).

#3 Gorgias

  • Vendor: Gorgias Inc.

  • App categories: Chat, Support ticket management

  • Description: Gorgias is a customer services platform that allows you to manage all support channels, such as email, Instagram, TikTok, and more, from a single box. Customer data is pulled from Shopify here, so you can see all the relevant information for your interactions and edit, refund, duplicate, and cancel orders right away. The app also includes AI-powered ticket management for fast responses and integrates with over 100 apps.

  • Key features:

  1. Order management
  2. AI-powered ticketing system
  3. Single inbox for multiple channels
  4. Revenue statistics
  5. Responsive 24/7 support
  • Customer review:

  • Price: Gorgias provides a 7-day trial period for testing its features. Its Starter plan requires $10/month for three customer support agents and 50 tickets. If you need a plan for unlimited support agents, choose from three other plans: Basic ($60/month for 300 tickets), Pro ($360/month for 2,000 tickets), and Advanced ($900/month) for 5,000 tickets).

#4 Avada Email Marketing

  • Vendor: Avada

  • App categories: Email marketing, SMS marketing

  • Description: The Avada Email Marketing app lets you follow up and convert your potential customers via email, SMS, push notifications, and WhatsApp. It includes automation workflows for abandoned carts, popups and forms for capturing leads, and newsletter campaigns for lead nurturing. Plus, it provides personalization through segmenting contacts, product recommendations, and order creation SMS.