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Mark Your Calendar: Top Global Ecommerce Conferences for 2024

Ecommerce Conferences 2024

Are ecommerce and retail conferences still necessary, given the abundance of data available today? They certainly are. Such events are hubs for market experts and newcomers. They provide highly concentrated knowledge of your business domain. In other words, a professional conference is a fantastic place to take your business forward.

Ecommerce shows accommodate various business models. They bring together people with different backgrounds. They introduce trends and present innovations. As a result, you have a chance to get a better overview of the ecommerce industry from its different perspectives. Altogether, it leaves you with more ideas on how to adapt and innovate.

Why is it significant? Because staying updated with industry trends is imperative nowadays. Getting stuck in traditional and convenient strategies poses a substantial risk for the ecommerce industry. You have a whole bunch of highly competitive rivals to deal with. Missing out on trends is just something a responsible business owner cannot afford.

2024 is getting into full swing. So, it’s time to add some professional events to your calendar. As a company providing ecommerce software development services, we monitor such events and want to share a list of the best e-commerce conferences that are still to come. You’ll also find tips on choosing the event to attend and how to plan for it.

Top global ecommerce conferences for 2024

Some of this year’s major global conferences passed. The organizers are already announcing the dates for 2025. Yet, there are many more you can consider. We’ve made a list of ten ecommerce conferences 2024. It features events worldwide, with varying focuses and budgets (including online and free attendance).

White Label World Expo

You have time to catch two conferences of the series this year. As the name suggests, the focus is on white-label products and services. Both events are a great destination for a very diverse audience interested in product showcases and thought-provoking sessions.

Where & when

How much Free admission.

Why it’s worth attending

  • More than 300 exhibitors are represented by startups and industry giants.
  • Over 150 speakers share their industry expertise, predictions, and strategies.
  • The product showcasing area with the top white-label solutions of 2024.
  • Thousands of leaders with various backgrounds for effective networking.
  • Rich opportunities for product source trailing through meeting leading suppliers, manufacturers, and wholesalers.

Seamless Middle East

This is one of the best ecommerce networking events in the region. It’s an excellent conference for those who want to learn more about retail and commerce opportunities in the Middle East. Given the difference in business culture, lectures, panel talks, and in-person communication can provide helpful insights.

Where & when

How much

  • Free event pass with unlimited access to the exhibition floor and free sessions.
  • Premium Pass (Early Bird Offer) – $1,200.
  • Premium Pass (Full Price) – $1,500.
  • Guest Buyer Pass – subject to approval upon application.

Why it’s worth attending

  • It is one of the most important ecommerce events in the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region.
  • Three days with over 500 speakers, 600 exhibitors, and 25,000 ecommerce business representatives.
  • Innovations and insights in the startup, product launch, and ecommerce university zones.
  • Representatives of world-leading ecommerce and tech companies were featured among attendees.
  • A strong focus on networking with special lounges, programs, and an app.

Sellers Summit 2024

This is a good conference for entrepreneurs who want to learn from experts and network with other sellers. The event prioritizes practical tips and insights instead of selling inspiring stories. The two days of attending are worth months of individual studying on web materials and your own business.

Where & when

  • Ft. Lauderdale, Florida - May (14th – 16th)

How much

  • Virtual ticket – $497, with first 50 tickets available at $399.
  • On-premise attendance – $899 – $1,999.

Why it’s worth attending

  • Purposely limited ticket sales to avoid huge crowds and maximize value.
  • Business discussion and casual communication to enhance networking.
  • Highly qualified speakers who can share practical and actionable advice.
  • This special program is dedicated to breaking through the limitations and providing specific feedback on your problems and solutions.
  • The conference is workshop-based, meaning you’ll be able to devise and test some strategies.

Retail Innovation Conference & Expo

The ecommerce trade show brings together the entire retail ecosystem. It’s a safe and convenient space for startups, mid-size businesses, and corporations. Attendees will be able to explore trends, technologies, and evolving customer behavior. It is a platform for ideation and collaboration between ecommerce businesses.

Where & when

How much

  • Expo Hall Pass – $35.
  • Conference Track Pass – $1,395.
  • All-Access Pass – $1,895.

Why it’s worth attending

  • Strategic sessions, C-level panels, and offsite networking events are on the agenda.
  • Interactive learning experiences to explore and test emerging tech and trends.
  • The featured speakers are industry pioneers, innovators, and visionaries.
  • Exclusive networking events, including peer meetings, speed dating, and store tours.
  • Expertise sharing by representatives of different departments and job levels.


CommerceNext strives to be a community rather than a simple conference. It gathers sales, marketing, and technology leaders and enthusiasts from retail. The event emphasizes the importance of open idea-sharing and building lasting connections with peers.

Where & when

  • New York, USA - June (11th – 13th)

How much

  • Free press pass for media covering domain news.
  • Qualification for free passes for retailers and brands is available.
  • Other groups – $2,250 – $4,395, early bird tickets available.

Why it’s worth attending

  • Multifaceted representation of brand categories, industries, budgets, and titles.
  • Sessions from retailers, direct-to-consumer brands, and tech companies.
  • Top-tier retail and ecommerce brands are invited to share insights and educate.
  • Insights on new marketing strategies, tactical approaches, and content management.
  • An original merchant and consumer research on trends exclusively for attendees.


Shoptalk is a global ecommerce event – or, rather, a series of events. You can register for both online and offline conferences. The highlight is an exclusive meetup for women in the ecommerce and retail business. This year’s focus is on digitalization and all of its aspects in business.

Where & when

  • Shoptalk Europe: Barcelona, Spain - June (3rd – 5th)
  • Shoptalk Meetup for Women: Details will be provided soon.
  • Shoptalk Fall Meetup: virtual in October (16th – 18th)

How much

  • Shoptalk Europe – €2,495 – €3,595.
  • Shoptalk Meetup for Women – announced soon.
  • Shoptalk Fall Meetup – $1,495 – $3,500, discounts and qualifications for free attendance available.

Why it’s worth attending

  • Over 4,000 leaders from the biggest retailer brands, startups, tech companies, investment firms, and more.
  • 94% of attendees rate the conference experience as good or excellent.
  • Over a hundred sessions, workshops, and discussions addressing industry trends and innovations.
  • A platform for showcasing products and services for potential partners and investors.
  • Conferences are hosted in different locations and online, becoming available for wider audiences.

eCommerce Expo

Ecommerce Expo is one of the major industry events for UK-based companies. It offers a chance to upskill and network for all B2C and B2B companies that sell online. This year, a deeper exploration of technologies in ecommerce and retail will become the central topic.

Where & when

  • London, UK - September (18th – 19th)

How much

Why it’s worth attending

  • It’s the largest ecommerce event in the UK, and it’s affordable for everyone.
  • More than 200 of practical industry content from over 300 solution providers.
  • Exclusive industry insights from the representatives of successful brands.
  • A dedicated AI and MarTech program with content sessions and product discovery.
  • Showcasing of new digital solutions by software and tech suppliers.

eTail eCommerce & Omnichannel Conference

eTail promises to be a safe place for transforming retail. You have time to attend three of the four of this year’s conferences. The events will take place in London, Boston, and Toronto. The organizers promise attendees will return to their offices with hundreds of strategic takeaways.

Where & when

  • Link to registration.
  • London, UK - June (25th – 26th)
  • Boston, US - August (12th – 15th)
  • Toronto, Canada - September (25th – 26th)

How much

  • London – £399 – £2,599.
  • Boston – $999.5 – $3,899.
  • Toronto – $1,399 – $3,899.

Why it’s worth attending

  • The focus of the events falls on increasing business profits.
  • Creative think tanks, roundtables, structured and unstructured networking activities, and more.
  • Access to keynote presentations by Fortune 500 companies on personalization, retention strategies, and many other subjects.
  • Relevant topics covered, addressing the latest challenges and offering actionable solutions.
  • Inspiring talks and presentations are strengthened by interactive learning.

Paris Retail Week

This is probably Europe’s biggest ecommerce event. This year’s Paris Retail Week theme is retail intelligence. The leading event for omnichannel commerce will explore innovations and decipher trends. And as always, it will feature inspiring and ideas-driven experts and decision-makers.

Where & when

  • Paris, France - September (17th – 19th)

How much

  • Free admission for investors and retailers, registration required.
  • €110 excluding VAT for non-retailer visitors.

Why it’s worth attending

  • Hot issues in the spotlight: omnichannel commerce, store design and equipment, logistics, and more.
  • 90% of last year’s participants reported a high satisfaction rate. 58% had an investment project started at the show.
  • The program features guided innovation tours, over 150 solution workshops arranged by providers, pitches, talks, and plenary sessions.
  • Prearranged targeted meetings and other opportunities for networking.
  • The startup zone at the heart of the conference and innovation rewards.

Customer Engagement Summit 2024

The event lasts only one day. Yet, it is jam-packed with content covering all aspects of customer engagement. As you can see, the event chooses a narrow specialization. But that’s what makes it stand out. The summit is the biggest event dedicated to engagement. It will surely feature exclusive content and insight.

Where & when

  • London - November 26th

How much

  • Free tickets are applicable for senior individuals working in customer engagement.
  • Supplier tickets – £1,495.

Why it’s worth attending

  • Real-life case studies on CX innovations from the leading brands.
  • Over a hundred talks, presentations, and roundtable sessions.
  • One-to-one problem-based meetings and other networking opportunities.
  • Opportunity to get valuable ideas and strategies that work in practice.
  • Focus groups, panel debates, and other interactive formats are featured.

Benefits of attending ecommerce conferences

Why are ecommerce events worth your time and money? A conference is another way of networking, learning, and brainstorming. No other working mechanism can provide this type of environment and insights for analyzing your ecommerce business and planning its future. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits you get.

Access to industry experts and talents

Meeting ecommerce influencers and leaders face-to-face offers a wholly different experience than media following. You get a unique opportunity to ask questions, seek advice and guidance, and gain personalized insights. You can discuss your specific challenges during formal sessions or informal conversations.

Early access to valuable information

Top retail conferences provide a platform for firsthand knowledge of market trends, consumer behaviors, and competitive landscapes. By attending one of those events, you join a close circle of people who obtain these data early.

You can engage with industry peers. You can participate in sessions focused on market research. You can listen to panel discussions. This will help you make better-informed decisions and identify untapped opportunities a bit earlier than those who miss a conference.

Rich networking opportunities

Every ecommerce conference is attended by industry professionals, vendors, and investors. You’ll also meet many fellow entrepreneurs. And it’s not mandatory to treat them as grave competitors. On the contrary, use this chance to build lasting business relationships and connections. Conversations and networking can open new, unexpected perspectives.

Exposure to new trends and technologies

Conferences showcase the latest innovations. You get to encounter things that will be shaping the ecommerce landscape. They're a great place to take a sneak peek into the future and test attractive technological solutions. AI-driven analytics and virtual reality shopping experiences can inspire or persuade attendees to adopt new tools and strategies.

Huge educational potential

Industry events are a source of knowledge expansion and professional development. Attendees get a concentrated dose of industry insights, trends, and best practices. They often feature skill-building workshops, training sessions, and certification programs. Everything is designed to enhance your professional skills and competencies.

There’s also a benefit compared to static learning resources. Unlike blogs and courses, an ecommerce convention provides more opportunities for interaction. You engage in live discussions and delve deeper into practical aspects of the ecommerce business.

Partnership opportunities

Conferences are places where potential partnerships and collaborations begin. Networking can turn into more than just friendly communication. It can be a driver of your business growth. You get a chance to attract attention to your brand, making it more visible. It’s also an opportunity to discuss how cooperation with other brands can benefit each of them.

Inspiration and motivation

Ecommerce summits are energizing environments. They boost creativity, inspiration, and motivation. Hearing success stories, overcoming challenges, and sharing experiences with like-minded individuals positively impact business owners and leaders. It all can reignite entrepreneurial drive and vision.

How to choose the right ecommerce conference

Even if you are inspired by a diversity of ecommerce conventions, it would be impossible to attend them all. Hence, you need some working algorithm to choose the right ones. In general, you need to look at whether an event aligns with your business goals, interests, and budget. To be more specific, considering the following points will help.

  • Objectives. Think about what you are looking to gain. Narrow down your options based on that.
  • Program. Study the agenda. Look for events that feature relevant topics, keynote speakers, and networking opportunities.
  • Networking. Evaluate the potential for connecting with industry peers, experts, vendors, and potential collaborators.
  • Suitability. Consider location, duration, reputation, and attendee demographics.
  • Feedback. Look for reviews and testimonials from past attendees. Pay attention to feedback on the quality of speakers, content, organization, etc.
  • Extra benefits. These can include access to exclusive resources, post-conference materials, discounts on future events, special promotions, etc.
  • Costs. Make sure the conference fits within your budget. Pay attention to practical aspects – location, dates, venue, travel expenses, registration fees, and accommodation.

Finally, leave some room for your instincts. In addition to weighing the rational pros and cons, look at what resonates with you. Sometimes, an emotional factor can be decisive. It can highlight something important your reasoning is missing.

Last but not least, we’d like to add a few words on planning and budgeting for conference attendance. Here are some tips that may be useful:

  • Do your research. Estimate all potential costs. Consider registration fees, extra opportunities, and travel expenses.
  • Create a detailed budget. Outline the spending categories and allocate funds. Be realistic about your budget constraints. Prioritize expenses based on your objectives. Include a buffer for unexpected costs.
  • Use discounts. Look for early bird tickets, group rates, promotional offers, and other special deals. Discount codes, coupons, or bundled packages can also help you save on registration and logistics.
  • Plan your trip wisely. Book flights and accommodation in advance. Choose less expensive travel dates. Explore all transportation and housing options.
  • Track expenses. It will help you stay within budget, identify any overspending or discrepancies, and facilitate reimbursement if needed.

Allocate your budget smartly. Plan the attendance beforehand to gain the maximum advantages from sessions and networking events. After attending the conference, analyze the results to optimize your visit next time.

To wrap up

The ecommerce landscape is highly competitive. Staying ahead of the curve is a real challenge. It requires constant innovation, learning, and adaptation. It requires creativity and experimentation. Ecommerce conferences are a place where business owners and leaders can find that. Or at least they can charge with a bit of inspiration.

Such gatherings become platforms for knowledge exchange, networking, and staying abreast of industry trends. They let you engage with industry experts, peers, and potential collaborators face-to-face. Ecommerce professionals can step out of their work and socialization bubble to gain new ideas and opportunities.

So, take a closer look at ecommerce events 2024. Mark your calendars and start planning your visit. And if there are any restraints to attending this year, look up top retail conferences 2023 online. Some of the organizers have certainly shared helpful materials that are still relevant. They can be your teaser for future conference experiences.

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