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How to Select a Shopify Development Company to Build Your E-commerce Store?

How To Select A Shopify Development Company To Build Your E-commerce

Why is Shopify a great choice for your next e-commerce?

From a platform established to sell snowboards, Shopify has evolved into an online commerce leader offering robust features for creating, growing, promoting, and managing retail businesses of all sizes. One of the main reasons for such popularity is that it allows building stores of any complexity from scratch without great effort.

In 2022, the platform is hosting millions of businesses in more than 175 countries. Shopify offers a versatile e-commerce solution that provides retailers with great opportunities for e-store promotion and business growth. In its entire ecosystem, you may find a wide range of tools, extensions, integrations, and applications to choose from – everything you need to speed up a launch process or lead to a better-looking store. If you are considering scaling your business quickly – Shopify's headless e-сommerce is the right choice. This game-changing solution gives your business flexibility by separating the content presentation layer and the business logic. With the tool, you may reach as large an audience as possible, keep control of data, analytics, and user experience, introduce new customer touchpoints – all without actually rebuilding an e-commerce website.

Finding the right e-commerce solution is critical to business success, but partnering with an experienced e-commerce company is no less important. Choosing the right expert can boost your business, whereas working with a wrong agency can cause a significant loss of valuable time and resources.

In this article, we will summarize everything you should know about how to choose the right partner for your project.

The top reasons to hire Shopify development company

Setting up an entire development infrastructure and putting together professional experts, the Shopify development team creates a perfect environment for project implementation allowing you to take advantage of the following:

High level of e-commerce Shopify expertise

Shopify development companies provide a wide consulting package you may need by using suitable technologies and tools. With their custom development services, you will get personalized web solutions with enthralling Shopify UX/UI design, clear integrations with third-party apps, marketing software, inventory and order management platforms, ERPs, and any other platforms to meet the needs of your management system. Shopify experts will enable e-store selling in multiple currencies and languages, work and synchronize with wholesale channels, and get responsive subscription services to boost your sales around the world.

Having deep expertise the right e-commerce firm knows how to help businesses get ​​high-performance solutions to meet the demands of the e-commerce market.

Access to Shopify experts

A reliable e-commerce agency has a good track record and is ready to augment your team with necessary specialists on request. By partnering with us, you get access to a pool of Shopify developers. We know how to quickly supplement or provide technical teams suited to your needs.

Project risk management

A Shopify agency provides risk management as a top priority software development process. This involves identifying risks, assessing them, and developing measures to minimize their effect on the final term and budget of the e-commerce project. A project manager monitors the development process and communicates with the software team on every single problem the project faces. The experience gained on different e-commerce projects helps professional Shopify developers refine risk management.


Outsourcing to best Shopify developers allows businesses to minimize costs. There is no need to invest in purchasing hardware, technology infrastructure, and other consumables, which means lower overall costs and quicker kick-off. Depending on the scope of the product you can quickly assemble an expert team to achieve the best possible project outcomes. With an e-commerce agency, you may expect to be offered different engagement models to build software depending on specific project requirements.

Flexible team management

By collaborating with a Shopify development team, you get a flexible approach to managing your development team. The company can quickly provide any technical expert and add or remove other team members as needed. This allows you to implement the project in the shortest possible time. However, the speed of software development is determined not only by the availability of the desired team members.

The advantages are also ensured by efficient team management, where the project manager constantly controls the whole process. By managing the working status, project performance is made becomes more agile, with sprint monitoring, real-time progress and progress report. A top Shopify development company is ready to take control over the management function as an additional option and free your time to deal with other issues. Nevertheless, you will always be aware of what is happening on your project.

Focus on security

A reliable Shopify partner takes care of cyber security, preventing data leakage and deletion. The company will offer you a contract with a clear definition of precautions about possible data threats and ensuing legal aspects. By having your partner sign an NDA, you will not have to worry about data security and protection of your property rights.

Things to consider when choosing a Shopify partner

Choosing a team of professionals is one of the main steps in implementing your successful e-commerce projects. While there are many service providers on the market, there is a possibility to face below-standard treatment, for example, delayed deadlines, poor quality of work, slow response time, and difficulty in communication.

But how can you find the right development team that will lead you to success?

To find the right partner that will help you take your business to success, we advise the following steps to narrow your search for the right technology partner:

  1. Decide on the app type, platforms to run your app, tech stack, and deadlines you need.
  2. Clearly define the skills and requirements for the candidates based on your project needs.
  3. Compare a few agencies by analyzing their profiles on Clutch, LinkedIn, evaluating their websites, and reading their corporate blogs and customer reviews.
  4. Contact e-commerce companies for rates and experience. Some of the ways you can recognize the best Shopify development company is to check their relevant certifications. Discover what security measures they provide and evaluate their communication style. This will significantly narrow the search.
  5. Get in touch with the customers of the development companies from your shortlist and ask for their recommendations.
  6. Discuss your project with the potential development teams and ask to estimate time and cost.
  7. Prepare a small test assignment for the remaining teams. The assignment should not take more than two working days. Be sure to pay for the obtained results.

By taking these steps you will assess which of the options is most suitable for your project and choose the best Shopify development. To know more about e-commerce project development and team forming, read our recent blog post “How to Build an Effective E-commerce Team Structure”.

E-commerce outsourcing rates

E-commerce outsourcing is a convenient option that allows you to significantly reduce your development costs and find a viable solution for your e-commerce needs.

Rates for e-commerce development services vary depending on the region:

  • $90–120 per hour in Western and Northern Europe

  • $30–75 per hour in Ukraine

  • $15–45 per hour in Asian countries

Lower wages do not mean lower service quality but are determined by lower taxes as well as the cost of living. Outsourcing is a good alternative for businesses to have a head start with