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10 Best Shopify Stores for E-commerce Design Inspiration

10 Best Shopify Stores for E-commerce Design Inspiration_

A sleek and attractive Shopify website design is a crucial part of your online business. A nice packed e-commerce store has always played a key role in business development — it can drive your online sales, complete marketing strategy, increase conversion rate and help to stand out from the competition. The fact is that designers have only 0,5 seconds to impress visitors — otherwise, they turn away.

Here is the list of 10 captivating online stores, whether you’re about to create a new online store or redesign your current one.

1. Pipcorn

Pipcorn is an American company that produces mini popcorn — pipcorn. The ingredients list says "non-GMO popcorn." The website is made in a retro style, while the main highlights of the design are muffled aged colors, various elements of those times, and unique typography. All these attract the attention of consumers and make the website remarkable and recognizable. On this e-commerce website, there is a lot of popcorn with different flavors and other snacks that are easy to buy.

2. Kylie Cosmetics

Kylie Cosmetics is one of the most popular cosmetics brands created by Kylie Jenner. She is the world’s youngest billionaire. First of all, a cosmetics website should be attractive, as its visitors are young girls who want to be beautiful, like Kylie herself. Beautiful shades of pink and red colors look stylish and make this brand even more recognizable. This website can be easily entrusted with customers’ appearance. Importantly, visitors can also find the desired item and make a purchase quickly.

3. Press London

Press London sells delicious and healthy cold-pressed juices. Its juices are not only a source of daily pleasure but also help meet daily nutritional needs. The main color is a pleasant, soft shade of green, which symbolizes proper nutrition. The product is presented with catchy and bright photos — this is the key to a good website design. Moreover, on the website, there are photos of adult clients as well as the youngest ones, which means that juices are very useful even for small children.

4. Quad Lock

Quad Lock is a Shopify store developed in Australia in 2011. Its product is a gadget that allows you to securely and conveniently attach your phone to a bike, car, or hand. Since its release, the Quad Lock bike gadget has been adapted for a variety of purposes such as a wall mount, belt clip, and tripod adapter. On the main page of the website there is a video showing how this gadget works. Such videos are trendy now — they attract attention. It is important that these videos are of very good quality. More than that, on this website users can choose a gadget for a specific smartphone. This feature is very conveniently implemented in the website design.

5. Luxy Hair

Luxy Hair is one of the best Shopify stores of dropshipping. They are selling hair. The services of this company are used by a large number of world stars, such as Jennifer Lopez, Paris Hilton, and Kim Kardashian. The website is made in beautiful brown shades with a lot of free space, which allows visitors to focus on specific positions. Categories and other information are placed within users’ eyeshot, so it’s comfortable to make a purchase.

6. Karst Stone Paper

Karst Stone Paper is not just a brand of notebooks — it’s a brand aiming to make our world better. Karst takes into consideration the full life cycle of a product and its long-term impact on the ecosystem. They focus on our present, as what is important today is shaping tomorrow.

Karst Stone Paper is made of 100% recycled stone and does not contain bleaches or acids. The paper is recycled with the latest technology to be better than wood pulp paper: more durable, environmentally friendly, and smooth for writing and drawing.

The thing that immediately attracts users’ attention on the website is a small video with a floating notebook — product visualization from sketch to end product. The chaotic placement of large fonts attaches great importance and style to the product. It makes you want it right away. On the website, visitors can choose a specific color and type of paper and see its visualization.

7. Susanne Kaufmann

Susanne Kaufmann is a cosmetics brand that uses only natural ingredients for its products. Suzanne herself was born in the Austrian Alps region, which is famous for its natural beauty. Initially, she decided to open a spa, where she sold her own cosmetics. The salon was made in beautiful, calm shades of white, with large windows that helped to connect with nature. Later, her cosmetics became very popular and broke new ground. The website for her products is made in the style of her spa — a lot of free space and the same light calm design with a smooth animation when scrolling. Also, thin and light serif and sans serif fonts were used to achieve the best effect. The website has many different categories of products, as well as filters, but all of these are done compactly and for the customers’ convenience. At the same time, photographs of nature highlight the product's natural ingredients.


MOS MOSH is a clothing brand that strives to be the best and make every piece of clothing perfect. On their website, they use stylish videos on the whole screen, on which you can see things on models in great detail. Also, the products are presented with large high-quality photographs that fit perfectly into the site's palette. A large number of categories and filters help users quickly find the right thing.


9. 696 NYC

696 is a place of carefully selected ceramics and pottery created by Japanese craftsmen and designers. Its mission is to help people appreciate both daily quiet gatherings at the table and some kind of celebration. The website is made in beautiful pastel colors in an unusual vintage style. The products themselves, of non-standard shapes, look very exclusive. The website has a large selection of dishes and pottery. It is possible to choose a specific master and buy his/her items.


SPOKE is a menswear brand with a mission to create clothes that truly deliver the perfect fit. This unique brand allows customers to choose clothing according to all personal parameters. The website has a so-called "Find your shape" calculator, where all your parameters are taken into account and make it possible to choose the right size of clothes for the upper body and lower body separately. The website is made in shades of blue. There are many categories and filters, but choosing the right product in the right size is quite easy. There are small visualizations for picking up perfect jeans. In general, everything is stylish and easy, which is essential for a men's clothing site.