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IT Staff Augmentation: A Successful Model to Extend Your Team and Succeed

IT Staff Augmentation_A Successful Model to Extend Your Team

In the IT sector, businesses are experiencing issues in managing their projects as per the company's goals. There is an IT solution where teams can execute their projects and accomplishments even more efficiently. It’s crucial to understand different aspects of employee hiring, including its strategic value.

Through the increased technology development, various needed skills have become very important within an organization. IT staff augmentation is known as one of the best solutions that provide companies with a wide range of skilled workers whenever they require them. This model is a flexible and scalable approach for the team's expansion because it caters to project requirements, tight deadlines, and niche expertise. With the addition of IT staff, there can be a knowledge exchange and interactive learning among internal employees, improving their working skills.

This article will provide a complete pathway to businesses and explain what staff augmentation is. It will deliver insights into various advantages and possible difficulties that could come with a staff augmentation model.

Understanding IT staff augmentation

In order to secure the best outcomes, businesses must be able to actively respond and mold according to new trends and advancements. The IT staff augmentation strategy is one of the best strategies to be used in making the information technology industry more prominent. This allows businesses to increase or decrease their team size efficiently.

Key benefits of staff augmentation

There are several staff augmentation benefits for any business. IT staff augmentation involves hiring skilled workers from outside on a temporary basis to make up for the shift. There is no need to hire full-time employees using this model. This allows projects to change quickly due to new requirements and meet deadlines efficiently.

Certain businesses need an immediate medium to gain access to a vast pool of highly skilled professionals. This is very beneficial in an environment where information technology is evolving rapidly to keep up with emerging technologies and industry trends. Organizations can sustain their competitiveness by incorporating innovative ideas and current knowledge from exterior stakeholders into their projects.

Among other important benefits of IT staff augmentation is scalability. The staff augmentation business model in IT allows organizations to change the size of their teams based on project requirements. This is a great way to appraise work within industries that require varying demands and workloads. Through efficient resource management, businesses can navigate through high-volume demands efficiently.

Companies can surpass their goals and targets if IT staff is ramped up accordingly; therefore, it is equally important to understand the basics of how you wish to manage your employees. Repeatedly accessing experts, increasing profits, and being favorable in the market make IT staff augmentation a valuable model.

Common misconceptions

For companies to make their employees versatile and adaptable, staff augmentations have become an important solution. But sometimes, the outsourcing staff augmentation model is misunderstood in a way that organizations aren't ready to take the full benefit of it.

  1. It is believed that staff augmentation is a quick fix and it does not have any long-term benefits. Staff augmentation is a service that not only provides benefits for long-term goals but also brings an approach to enhancing immediate needs. To provide a strategic and sustainable workforce solution, staff augmentation addresses short-term gaps and contributes to long-term growth.
  2. There is a misconception that additional employees cannot fulfill their jobs appropriately according to the company's cultural values. However, it can be considered that professionals from outside the company can deviate from the goals and values of their respective company. Professional and proficient staff are hired by the providers, who'd efficiently blend in with the existing team because they're said to be very attentive about who would suit best for this role.
  3. When thinking about growing the staff, the main worry is how you will keep their data confidential and secure. A reputable company will always want to increase its security checks before anything else. They make sure to set up some mandates that are required to be followed according to the industry demands in order to safeguard their data. To catalyze trust and handle any delicate situation efficiently by the augmentation partner; communication mediums should be laid down between both parties.
  4. It is wrongly perceived that staff augmentation is meant only for large enterprises, but actually, it looks after any organization. Companies of all kinds get a positive experience from this format. Small businesses can not hire full-time, and instead opt for staff augmentation as it allows them to hire employees with specialized skills but for only a certain period of time. The organizations, no matter how big they are, can easily mold their work force pool in order to meet the varying project demands.

As always, a minimum risk factor is involved, and some important points must be considered before debunking the myths about staff augmentation. Businesses can face and handle these obstacles by planning, communicating, and selecting valuable providers. For making the staff augmentation prospective work, there should be clear-cut objectives and strategies that need to be communicated across all fronts.

Successful implementation

Incorporating IT staff augmentation services in existing workflows needs a detailed approach. Hiring sufficient staff is vital to achieving organizational goals and ensuring the operations run smoothly. Our company has provided IT staff augmentation services for more than 7 years, and we want to share with you some essential tips on how to make the cooperation between the company and vendor more effective.

  • Clear communication is paramount. Set a clear and defined pathway for how the existing team will communicate with new team members. One must communicate their vision for the project, what they expect out of it, and at what time. This will ensure better collaboration and understanding among team members. To ensure every member is on the same page with their goals, it's important to have meetings at regular intervals so that the status updates can be shared.
  • It is important to introduce new staff in a way that aligns perfectly with the existing team's norms and values. Start an onboarding process mainly focused on educating the employees in understanding the norms of interaction, work culture expectations, and core values. This is also an efficient way to make it easy to shift between different tasks and improve the work quality, as everyone has a sense of ownership.
  • Define roles and responsibilities explicitly. The existing team, alongside the extended staff all should have a detailed plan of what their roles are and what goals they need to achieve. When roles are clear, there are fewer chances of conflicts, and you can work in a systematic flow. Indeed, when everyone knows what's expected from them, they perform better.
  • In case your augmented staff is working from home, it's important to use technological tools that would help bridge the gap. Video-conferencing mediated-real-time interaction and shared documents are helpful in tracking progress. Through digital means, an organization can provide a well-connected working environment.
  • Encourage knowledge transfer. Encourage professionals of higher expertise and the existing team to transfer knowledge and skills. This significantly allows the team to be unique in their way by gaining new training and skills. Mentoring the students can become a mode for transferring their specific knowledge in an efficient way and can lead to better problem-solving skills among them.
  • Regularly assess and reassess performance. Incorporate additional methods to get an efficient level of integration. There should be a feedback system that is both from the existing team and any new people who join in. This will provide fresh ideas to make improvements to what is there. If we continuously improve our processes, it gives us the advantage of responding quickly to any new required changes.

Choosing the right partner

Opting for the augmented IT staff is crucial as it has a direct impact on the project's efficiency and overall success. In order to choose a partner that best integrates with you, there are some specific standards on which partnership should be evaluated.

Expertise and specialization

Find a vendor who has given services according to your IT needs and for similar requirements earlier. This will show his expertise in the field. Our organization has skilled and expert people from various fields to meet our customers' unique demands.

Reputation and reliability

Evaluate the vendor's delivery consistency and reputation within the industry before making a choice. DigitalSuits has a reputation for reliability and excellence, which we are proud of. Through the history of our past projects, it's evident that we're dedicated to providing quality services.

Scalability and flexibility

When a project changes its demands, it is important for IT to have adaptability. The one thing that makes us stand out is our unbelievable flexibility. Our business allows you to moderate the team size according to the needs and demands of the project, as we know how quickly businesses need to adjust.

Quality assurance and talent management

Examine how the company manages its talent and ensures quality output from them. Our company has high standards regarding the quality of our work, and we ensure this by implementing strict protocols. We will improve skills and manage talents all through the activity as a way to keep our team at top-level reshaping during the industry.

Communication and transparency

When there is good communication among coworkers, then they can work together better. DigitalSuits communicates in a clear way and can inform your team in time about all updates, current positions, and upcoming obstacles.


While price is a significant consideration, so is the overall value delivered. Our competitive pricing plan is intended to be cost-effective without sacrificing service quality. We prioritize producing tangible value that is in line with your financial constraints.

Finally, choosing an IT staff augmentation supplier is a strategic decision that must be carefully considered. Our organization stands out through a mix of industry knowledge, dependability, flexibility, quality assurance, open communication, and cost-effectiveness. Choosing our IT staff augmentation services assures that you have a dependable and skilled extension of your team, allowing your firm to fulfill its IT goals easily.

DigitalSuit’s IT staff augmentation case studies overview

American Outlets

American Outlets is a corporation based in the United States that provides a customer-centric e-commerce platform with a global reach. This case was executed using the IT staff model that DigitalSuits offers as a service. Our team that worked on the creation of a сustom product information management system for American Outlets consisted of a team lead, two full-stack DevOps, Node & React developers, QA, and a project manager. The system we developed enabled the client's staff to manage the marketplace product catalog more effectively. Now it allows rapid and easy management of the information that the end user sees.

Claim Technology

Our team created an insurtech marketplace for our client Claim Technology. Our specialists developed an ecosystem of applications that shared a common API. Product-specific procedures were highlighted as distinct services that could be linked to the BPMN workflow engine. In addition, we created a specific interface for client-side data management that does not require code. To achieve seamless integration and enhance our development capabilities, our company strategically utilized IT staff augmentation, selectively bringing in skilled professionals to bolster the Insurtech project team.

AI Return & Exchange assistant

Another success story of our company is AI Return & Exchange assistant. We began developing the Shopify plugin with a UI dashboard and an admin panel that operated for two sorts of users: admin and customer. It functioned as a store credit system for users who had previously returned a purchase. Users can now choose between a bonus and a cash balance on their account. To fortify the expertise required for the swift and efficient development of our AI Return & Exchange assistant, our company strategically employed IT staff augmentation.

Future-proofing with IT staff augmentation

For sustainable operations, the technology industry must adapt to changes and be ready for future challenges. Many companies consider IT staff augmentation as an important tool to mitigate uncertainties and address issues with confidence. We always plan our services in a way that our clients are ready for present challenges and also for future accomplishments.

Future-proofing through skill diversity

Emerging technologies are continuously shaping the future landscape of the tech industry. Our commitment is to diversify the skills required along with augmented reality so that it can cover a wide range of domains, including artificial intelligence and cybersecurity. A diverse skill set allows businesses to adapt and upgrade their operations.

Agility and scalability

To tweak the market dynamics and evolving project needs, one should be flexible enough. Our IT staff augmentation services help employers improve the size of their teams at any time, which helps elevate a good level of scaling. Flexibility is an important asset as it enables organizations to align their workforce efficiently and productively against what may come.

Proactive problem-solving

We can't tell what future adversities might be but we know for sure the problem-solving skill is going to get used a lot. Through our commitment, we can not only meet the current needs effectively b