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DigitalSuits & Elevar Became Partners for Client Success!

DigitalSuits & Elevar Became Partners for Client Success!

We are proud to announce our partnership with the Elevar team. This is a really good union of Shopify development expertise and robust digital and analytical capabilities. Let's introduce you to Elevar, a premier analytics and tracking platform designed to provide a dependable data foundation for direct-to-consumer brands on Shopify. By using this powerful tool, merchants gain confidence in scaling their operations.

Our main goal is to merge our expertise and present more value for our clients. With years of experience in the e-commerce industry, we understand how important it is to improve efficiency constantly. Thus, we came together to tackle this important work and let our clients get more benefits and competitive advantages. Our cooperation opens new horizons for the successful development of both teams and brings the best ecommerce customer services for brands worldwide.

Elevar excels in advanced conversion tracking solutions for marketers, analysts, and Shopify brand owners. By getting precise conversion tracking across various marketing channels like Facebook, TikTok, Google Ads, GA4, merchants get compatible benefits. They provide server-side tracking, guaranteeing 100% properly recorded conversions and delivery to various marketing platforms.

Also, Elevar offers a unique feature Session Enrichment that boosts Klaviyo flow performance by 2-3 times. Merchants use this option to get the most out of their marketing campaigns, maximize ROI, and develop perfect email marketing strategies. Take advantage of the opportunity to better track conversion across multiple channels and get detailed data analysis.

Now, DigitalSuits is prominently featured on the Elevar partner portal. So, companies already leveraging Elevar can successfully get professional Shopify or ecommerce development help from our team.

DigitalSuits is a top-tier Shopify development agency with expertise in the development of exceptional e-commerce solutions for every business. Our senior tech talents create user-friendly, visually appealing, and feature-rich Shopify websites. With a track record of over seven years, we know how to help our clients achieve ecommerce success. Being certified as a Shopify and Shopify Plus development agency, we are focused on providing the best-in-class services to grow your business. Here are key areas we are proficient in:

  • developing advanced ecommerce solutions that foster your business growth
  • transforming ordinary stores into high-converting
  • providing world-class services in designing and optimizing Shopify online stores
  • creating responsive, visually appealing, and customer-friendly UI/UX designs
  • feature-rich development and seamless integration of required third-party services
  • streamlining seamless migration processes to ensure a smooth transition to advanced e-commerce solutions
  • implementing continuous optimization strategies to maximize the performance and efficiency of your Shopify online stores
  • ongoing support and maintenance, ensuring sustained growth and customer satisfaction

We are sure that our strategic cooperation and joint efforts will result in successful results like:

  • Reach ecommerce capabilities that optimize your online store for maximum performance and conversions.
  • Actionable data-driven insights into customer behavior and sales trends you can trust.
  • Seamless integrations with your systems for a smooth workflow.

More than just paper-based collaboration, we have already had mutual results, and we are ready to share our real success story. Dive into how DigitalSuits and Elevar changed the Pattern Brands Family's marketplace game. The opportunities are truly endless if you have the right partner by your side. Thank all our clients for their trust as you inspire us to grow both professionally and personally. There are many more milestones ahead!

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