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Exciting new Shopify updates for May 2024

Exciting new Shopify updates for May 2024

May has brought a wave of new updates to Shopify, enhancing its features and making it easier for merchants to manage their stores and improve their customers' shopping experiences. Here’s a rundown of the latest updates:

Take full control of customer privacy settings for custom pixels

May 1, 2024

Shopify now allows you to easily manage customer privacy permissions and data sale settings for custom pixels on the Customer Events page. This ensures that your custom pixel fires only when proper permissions are given. Additionally, you can view customer privacy permissions and data sale settings for app pixels from the listing on the Customer Events page. Explore detailed information about customer privacy settings for custom pixels in the Shopify Help Center.

New: Storefront filters now offer improved image support

The Search & Discovery app now supports better image integration for visual filters. This enhancement allows merchants to display icons, logos, and detailed imagery with their filter values, helping customers quickly understand different filter options and find products that interest them most. For more information, please refer to the Shopify Help Center.

Debug and enhance your Shopify Flow workflows with console.log in the Run code action!

May 6, 2024

You can now use console.log in Shopify Flow’s Run code action to print messages and order resources to the workflow run log during execution. This feature makes it easier to debug your JavaScript code. Check out the Run Code documentation to explore console.log further, including its limitations.

Enhanced return and exchange process

MAY 08, 2024

Merchants can now add exchange products when approving return requests and add return shipping and restocking fees during the return approval process. This enhancement streamlines the return and exchange experience and accurately accounts for fees, providing a more seamless process for both customers and businesses. Discover more about managing customer self-serve returns.

Schedule free DHL express pickups in admin for Markets Pro

May 9, 2024

Markets Pro merchants can now schedule DHL Express ad hoc pickups in Shopify Admin. This feature allows merchants to seamlessly manage international logistics. Key takeaways include:

  • Free Markets Pro ad hoc DHL Express pickups
  • Combining Markets Pro and non-Markets Pro parcels in a single DHL Express pickup
  • Scheduling is limited to ad hoc pickups via Shopify Admin

Find out more details on how to schedule a DHL Express pickup.

New theme for wholesale buying: Trade

Introducing Trade, a new theme designed for B2B businesses, allowing wholesale customers to quickly assemble bulk orders with quick add functionality. Trade is available to all Shopify plans and comes pre-built with advanced B2B features like quantity rules and volume pricing. Preview Trade in the Shopify theme store.

Multiple payment captures for the same order

May 10, 2024

Shopify Plus merchants in Australia and Romania can now capture multiple partial payments for the same order. This feature benefits orders shipped from different warehouses and helps meet IFRS standards. This feature benefits you if:

  • You ship items in an order from various warehouses with varying fulfillment times.
  • Your customers prefer to be charged for items upon fulfillment, not during checkout.
  • Your accounting team must adhere to IFRS standards.

You can utilize this functionality directly from the Orders Page or via the GraphQL API (using the OrderTransaction object and OrderCapture mutation).

For eligible merchants, the OrderCapture mutation now includes an optional finalCapture parameter. When set to true, it voids the remaining uncaptured amount.

This feature is enabled by default for Plus merchants. For more details, consult with your merchant success manager. Take a look at Trade in the Shopify theme store for a preview.

Improved product list component for POS

May 13, 2024

A new "Add to Cart" button has been added to all product list screens in the POS app, simplifying the process of adding and removing items from your cart. This enhancement makes transactions quicker and more intuitive.

Introducing an enhanced layout on details screens

The address autocompletion setting has moved to the checkout and accounts editor, making it easier for customers to enter their addresses faster and more accurately.

Shopify’s made significant improvements to the detail pages of Orders, Draft Orders, Products, and Customer Interfaces in the Shopif