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Shopify store development for MyBalto


MyBalto is a French-based company that specializes in animal food production. The company owners’ ideas and attitude towards what they do are inspiring. They’ve come up with more than 15 recipes of food for cats and dogs, they take care of homeless animals and support an eco-friendly approach — it's only a shortlist of their activities.

Business needs

Some time ago they decided to provide online users with the best experience among the market competition. They offered online consultation and personalization services. And that was what we actually were working on.


HTML5/CSS3 are markup languages used to define and structure content on web pages. They are used for modern UI website development.
JavaScript is a text-based programming language that is used both for the client-side and server-side. It provides web pages with interactive elements engaging users.
JQuery is a free open-source library that is used for document navigation, DOM elements selection, animation creation, and events handling.
Liquid is a software release methodology providing quick push upgrades to apps or online systems several times a day. It is based on a direct connection to the end product.
Webpack is a tool that compiles JavaScript modules. It generates a file or a few files that run an app, re-run tasks, and track changes.
Recharge plugin is a tailor-made app that eases up the customer checkout process.


The key feature of personalization was an online questionnaire with specific algorithms. It helped customers to make the right choice of food for their pets. The first idea of realization was using React application, but finally, our team decided to use vanilla JavaScript with Liquid. That decision saved time and project budget. The main aim of the online questionnaire for users to fill out was to get maximum pet information. Once it’s filled out, a script runs searching for suitable food. Thus, customers got personalized diet recommendations for pet and could buy a food packet.


Our team successfully delivered the project with continuously working online consultation. We reduced the time and budget for delivering the project, as we chose the appropriate technical solution. As a result, thousands of pet owners got animal diet consultations.

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