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Industry Overview

The global real estate market is booming and developing really fast. The market has doubled its value since 2012 and now is estimated at $45 trillion. It is forecasted to achieve the point of about $69 trillion by 2030. Such an expansion always leads to great opportunities and development. Technology is the key driver for real estate breakthrough. Tech solutions change the way people buy, sell, choose, rent, and interact with properties. Those real estate managers who don’t accept this key driver will be left far behind.

To be more concrete:

Urbanization is a strong upward trend. Cities will turn to business hubs and generators of opportunities. About 7 billion people will migrate to cities by 2050. It is 75% more than a decade ago. Tech growth and population migration are leading to new investments. Annual housing completions will reach almost 1.5 million in the US, 220,046 in the UK, and 184,135 in Germany. The volume of building activity will be huge.

Number of real-estate companies in the US and the UK

Number of real-estate companies in the US and the UKNumber of real-estate companies in the US and the UKNumber of real-estate companies in the US and the UKNumber of real-estate companies in the US and the UK

Industry Trends

  • Eco-effective building It is necessary to make building more eco-friendly and more practical. The new tech solutions will involve building management systems, smart meters and appliances, and digital distribution systems.
  • Real estate managers’ assets Managers have to deal with a huge amount of data from customers, clients, tenants, and buildings. To increase data analytics significantly, it is necessary to develop internal data warehousing.
  • Automation Developing automation tools for such intensive and tough business as real estate, is necessary for cost-saving analysis and game-changing decisions.
  • Data Using special platforms for managing big data, managers are able to collect specific data together: traffic, consumer surveys, real estate trends. It enables data-driven decisions and predictions.

Business Challenges

Introducing technologies into business processes will ensure the ability of real estate companies to face the following challenges:

  • Boost customer engagement
  • Enhance clients data mining
  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Support document management and tax reporting
  • Improve customer experience
  • Transparency
  • Lead generation and marketing
  • Worry-free transactions
  • Customer-centric support


Digital transformation is mission-critical for real estate businesses. We provide technology solutions that help to keep pace with digital transformation, adopt innovative ideas smoothly, and build customer-driven ecosystems.

We develop:

  • Management and Analytics Dashboards — by using dashboards, business owners or managers enable data sharing, data visualizing and reporting data to the team or to the stakeholders. Building an interactive dashboard ensures a spotlight on your analytics and, thus, game-changing decisions.

  • Collection Solutions — customizable and scalable solutions such as a Chatbot or personalized client questionnaire application tailored to business needs and aiming to automate processes and collect necessary information. This tool is used for building business logic based on the collected data.

  • Business process optimization using a process engine enables better business management processes, including identifying issues, managing resources, saving time, and analyzing efficiency.

  • CRM system is a centralized database that provides improved information organization, automation of daily tasks and analytical reporting, scales sales processes, and segments customers.

  • Document management is an essential component for the real estate business. Document management systems provide reducing storage space, enhance security, proper legal compliance, and essential backups. SaaS solution — software-as-a-service solution allows companies to stay agile and versatile, properly allocate resources, accelerate development, and remain cost-effective.

  • BPaaS — business process as-a-service is a service-oriented cloud solution that allows business owners to leverage automation and standardization of all processes and company departments, and scale the business massively in the future. It enables to boost existing business models by reducing such costs as office spaces and labor through automation.

We collaborate with clients from this industry and already have experience in this field. That is why we are eager to share our expertise with others and get a deeper knowledge base.

The scope of Main Technologies we use

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