Website Renovation for Furniture Manufacturer Based on Shopify 2.0 Technology


Noah Living is a German furniture manufacturer that produces eco-friendly furniture for conscious consumers. Dario and Hannah, the founders of the business, created a charming young design brand with a mission to combine simple, creative designs with traditional elements to create a new approach to furniture and living. The brand started its journey in March 2020 and has already won the German Design Award twice.

Business needs

Our client was going to expand their business, that’s why they need a cutting-edge, forward-thinking e-commerce store with unlimited scalability. They were focused on getting an easily updated e-commerce solution, more efficient and customizable than before. We decided to create a high-performance store on Shopify 2.0, which is primed and ready to scale and take them around the world by bringing improved capabilities and design without limitations.

The process of making furniture to order comprises several stages. The idea of making it as clear and simple as possible for end customers was primary. Also, there was a need for a secure and precise process of order tracking to help customers place orders and the production receive these orders.